Best Cybersecurity Conferences in Asia (APAC Region) 2018 – 2019

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#1 Cyber Security Show
Cyber Security Show

Think of this event as a vendor-fest. If you offer any form of cyber security tools, techniques, technologies, and/ or products (solutions) and live and work in the Singapore/ Asian region then you need to attend this cyber security conference.

This conference makes considerable effort to attract the region’s best and brightest cyber brains and place them under one roof, or several roofs as is the case at the Cyber Security Show in Singapore.

A central theme of this cyber event is that the organizers go to lengths to weave in the commercial importance of keeping business assets safe from cyber threats into all talks. Local and regional businesses are encouraged to attend so that they may enjoy the advice offered by the cyber security experts to reduce the amount of cyber attacks and reduce the impact attacks can have on their reputation.

We like this event because it’s not just about the presentations; the conference also includes open discussions about current and future challenges and actionable solutions given by professionals. There’s also an Expo that accompanies this cyber conference so think of it rather like a variation of RSA.

#2 GovernmentWare

Demonstrating the leadership of Singapore witin the Asian Cyber Security arena we’ve also listed GovernmentWare as a “must-attend” cyber event to attend in Asia, which also takes place in the Lion City.

The digital world evolves in tandem with increased levels of cyber exploitation. The annual GovernmentWare conference is about grouping together related field experts to face cyber threats head-on. The latest GovWare happened in 2015 which was the 24th time experts from the Asian Region came together to address, discuss and present solution to cyber issues. That stat makes this one of the world’s largest tech-related conferences.

The recent focus at GovernmentWare was the Internet of Things, which has become a constant theme of cyber security talks over the last few years.

#3 Black Hat Asia
Black Hat Asia

We’re still staying in Singapore for our next recommended cyber security conference to attend in Asia: which is “Black Hat Asia”.

If you’re reading this as an IT Security professional it is highly (extremely!) likely that you’ve heard of Black Hat.

Here at Concise we’ve covered a lot of news and we’ve blogged about DEF CON and Black Hat for what seems like years! However, as a super quick summary: DEF CON and Black Hat were both founded by Jeff Moss way back in the late 1990’s. Since then, these cyber security conferences have become the premo events to attend since they are not only highly regarded but they also hold a recognized respect as being forums for exchanging computer security and ethical hacking techniques by experts.

Sure, there are plenty of haters, not least from the anti-sec lobbies, but for career networking and seeking factual ‘upto date’ cyber research and vulnerabilities then this is a “must-attend” conference to visit.

Black Hat conferences take place in Las Vegas, Abu Dhabi, Tokyo, Amsterdam and Barcelona and Asia (Singapore) hence the inclusion within this blog post.

#4 RSA Asia
RSA Asia

Yes….yet another cyber event in Singapore! If you feel that we’ve left out an event then please chime in with a comment below and we’ll be sure to add it to our list. RSA, like Black Hat and DEF CON, is a cyber conference institution. However, RSA Singapore can be considered as being slightly more aligned to the “Cyber Security Show” (see above) in that they both have an Asian vendor cyber security focus. If you are more of a cyber marketer, and based in Singapore, then you’d likely be interested in attending RSA and the Cyber Security Show.

Along with the conference, RSA Asia (as well as the other RSA events in San Francisco and Abu Dhabi) have an active community, which is ready to exchange and share ideas and industry trends. This collective effort makes it possible for business managers and professionals to stay out of trouble so get yourself down to RSA if you work in cyber and are located in, or near Singapore. The USA RSA conference takes place in San Francisco; here is our list of recommended events for San Francisco and California as a whole or the entire USA.

#5 Cyber Security Malaysia – Awards, Conference & Exhibition
Cyber Security Malaysia – Awards, Conference & Exhibition

Finally moving away from Singapore we’ve listed “Cyber Security Malaysia – Awards, Conference & Exhibition” (CSM) as our next most recommended cyber security conference to attend in Asia. Although not strictly an “Information Security Conference” as such, we’ve included this event because it would make an excellent networking event to attend in you lived and worked in Asia.

We like this event because of its’ awards ceremony concept which we think is awesome, i.e. recognizing contributions of individuals and organizations in the field of cyber security. The event is also an annual industry gathering organized by CyberSecurity Malaysia, the National cyber security specialist center which acts under the authority of the Malaysian Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation (MOSTI).

#6 SecureAsia Conference
SecureAsia Conference

This cyber security conference in the Philippines attracted 350 cyber professionals and experts from the Asian Region. We suspect that this event might be associated with ISC2 since several of their staff members presented at this event. Similar to the “Cyber Security Show” in Singapore, this event helps by advising businesses how to avert cyber attacks. The speakers spoke about the latest techniques of data security, server security, data forensics and, as mentioned, attack prevention strategies.

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