Recommended Cyber Security Conferences in Australia

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Author: Henry Dalziel | April 3, 2017
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What’s this post all about?

In this post we are going to tell you about popular (and worthwhile) cyber security conferences and events that take place in Australia each year. This post is a ‘work-in-progress’; i.e. meaning that we will be add events to this page over the coming months and years – so don’t be fooled by the original published date of this post! If you are interested in learning about Cyber Security Events that take place in Australia, especially in Sydney and Melbourne, then you’ve come to a useful resource, and one that we hope you enjoy. Our main Conference listing directory is updated on a regular basis, indeed almost daily, so if you want to learn about events that are taking place around the world (in every possible cyber niche) then we suggest that you take a look at that resource (link directly above). This page is specifically for Information Security events, conferences and seminars taking place in Australia.

It is worth mentioning that if you are interested in events taking place in the APAC region please consider visiting our Hong Kong recommended cyber events listings, or indeed our general APAC/ Asian recommended conference listings here.

Why did we select these Cyber Conferences?

This is not a list of ‘upcoming events’, rather, this is a list of regular (typically annual) InfoSec events that take place on within Australia. We select these Conferences on two criteria: firstly, is the event reputable, i.e. does it attract professional Cyber Experts? And, secondly, does the conference take place on a regular basis? If the answer to these two questions is ‘yes’ then it is very likely that we will add the event to this page.

Can I add my Cyber Security Conference that is taking place in Australia to this page?

Of course! Please do! All you need to do is submit a form by visiting our main conference directory listing page here. We will happily add your event to all our resources including our weekly email that goes out to thousands of cyber security professionals. We’d be especially interested to hear more about cyber events taking place in Sydney, Brisbane and Perth. Most of our list includes events that are in Melbourne.

Where: Melbourne, Australia

RUXCON is a hub for sharing key information regarding cyber crimes and cyber security in Australia in general, and is possibly the best known cyber conference on the continent.

Although we haven’t been to RUXCON we’ve been reliably informed that it is an excellent ‘hands-on’ event that attracts some awesome delegates and first-class cyber expert speakers. Indeed, the quality and expectations of the talks is high: last year there was a total of 28 cyber networking experts that demonstrated their research and solutions. Although the quantity of speakers is not the largest we’ve seen when reviewing and blogging about cyber events, RUXCON seems to counter that by providing high-quality talks.

RUXCON has a reputation of demonstrating cutting edge presentations which are much valued in our industry. Owing to the quality of talks and “hacker-con” feel of the event, we feel that RUXCON is one of those conferences that positively influences younger people to get a start in cyber security so if you are new to the indsutry and living in Australia, then attending this event is a no-brainer.

Of interest, one of the keynotes last year was Paul Vixie, who we had on Hacker Hotshots here at Concise.

Also, it’s worth noting that this event is co-sponsored by the Australian Government Department of Defense, so if you’re looking to get a job working in Government then this might be worth attending for networking-career reasons as well.

Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC)
Where: Canberra, Australia

The Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC) is another Government affiliated conference so like other conferences mentioned in this post, this would be worth attending if you have an interest to work as a cyber security professional for the Australian Government. The ACSC annual conference is all about “providing a platform for the cyber world experts in Australia to meet like-minded people”, so they’ve clearly got the right intention when it comes to networking.

ACSC attracts cyber security experts from Australia and all over the globe to share new trends, updates and advancement in the field of cyber security. The discussions and solutions make it possible for the experts and workers to build networks that are harder to hack – which is a basic tenet for the creation of ACSC by the Government of Australia.

Security Exhibition & Conference
Where: Melbourne, Australia

Like RUXCON, this simply titled: “Security Exhibition & Conference” also takes place in Melbourne, Australia.

This event is more of an “expo” in the traditional sense. The event is packed full of informative and security-driven seminars which are designed to ensure that the network (infrastructure) security future of Australia is in safe hands. The discussions and questions & answer sessions are a perfect opportunity for professionals to share their solutions to any contemporary cyber security problem. This annual expo takes place in Melbourne every year and in our opinion is another ‘must-attend’ event if you live and work in Australia.

The “Security Exhibition & Conference” in Melbourne is packed full of vendors so if marketing cyber is your game then this might be a conference worth discussing with your senior management with a view to attend or pitch.

It’s worth noting that this event is 30 years old! That makes it one of the oldest cyber/security-related conferences in the world.

AISA National Conference
Where: Melbourne, Australia

The city where AISA National Conference might change so if you know that it’s not in Melbourne then would you please let us know by dropping a comment below?

For those that don’t know, ASIA, established in 1999, is an abbreviation of the “Australian Information Security Association” which, like other Cyber Security membership bodies out there (like ISC2, CompTIA, ISACA, ISSA etc) is a not-for-profit organisation, and also similarily to those organizations, also has an annual conference for its’ members.

The AISA’s stated goal is to “advance the cyber-security and safety of all sectors of Australian life; public, corporate, and government”.

If you work in cyber security in Australia then we’d obviously recommend that you become a member of AISA, and attend their annual conference which takes place in Sydney. It’s worth also mentioning that AISA have branches in Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne, Canberra, Sydney and Brisbane and likely they will also run mini local events for members.

The theme of the 2015 conference was “Trust in the world of Information Security” and the list of speakers included local and internationally recognized cyber experts. This event, along with RUXCON and the “Security Exhibition & Conference” are must-attends events if you live and work in Melbourne.

Where: Gold Coast, Australia

The Annual AusCERT is another very well known Australian cyber security conference. AusCERT is a slightly different IT Security conference in that it focuses on specific niches within cyber: “the Law (Legality)” and associated solutions. The big names at this conference, which takes place each year at the Gold Coast, always receives positive reviews and doesn’t seem to ever disappoint. We took a look at several of the talks last year and they seemed excellent: all the discussions were contemporary, useful, and the speakers also provided actionable novel ideas to cyber threats.

This summit is also the oldest computer security annual meet-up in Australia. A whole week is arranged for the attendants to learn the things they are never taught in high school or college. The field experts are ready to give out their experiences and hear new ideas from the youngsters. AusCERT is a big name in providing computer security advice and preventing cyber attacks involving networks in Australia.

In Summary

Oddly we don’t seem to have any events listed that take place in Sydney. If you know of any then please drop a comment below and we’ll be sure to make our list.

If you’ve attended any of these events we’d also love to hear from you to share your experience with our community of cyber security professionals living and working in Australia.

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