Cybersecurity Conferences in Birmingham, UK 2018 – 2019

InfoSec Events In Northern UK

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What’s This Post All About?

We procure and list a vast amount of information on Cybersecurity Conferences that take place around the world but we’ve noticed that most of the events in our directory take place in the US, the UK and India. This post is about Birmingham, UK-based IT Security Conferences. If you’ve accidentally stumbled here seeking events in Birmingham, Alabama (USA) then your link is here. For all those who are interested to learn more about security events taking place in Brummie, we got you!

This resource would particularly help Cybersecurity Professionals living and working in the West Midlands because you’ll be able to see what events you might be interested in attending.

Heads Up! We also have listings for events in the following UK cities:

Birmingham UK & Cybersecurity…

Birmingham has always been a manufacturing hub.

Technology would inevitably follow from this, and indeed it has.

We note a couple of interesting tech (Information Security) things going on in Birmingham: the first being Silicon Canal which is somewhat similar to London’s Silicon Roundabout, and the second are some very good degree programmes that are offered by the University of Birmingham and Birmingham City University.

Why And How Did We Select These Cyber Conferences?

Two criteria alone dictate whether we include events on this UK city-specific resource: firstly, that it takes place in Birmingham UK and secondly that it happens regularly. That’s it! Very simple really!

Can I Add My Birmingham InfoSec Event To This Page?


Please do!

This resource, as you can see, is a bit thin on content so we’d be most grateful if you’d drop us a line and let us know about your event and we will gladly add it to this page.

#1 University of Birmingham Cyber Security Camp
Conference Location: UK, Birmingham
University of Birmingham Cyber Security Camp

Background to this event

Learn from industry professionals on their work securing Critical National Infrastructure, as well as Banking, Defence, and Business Sectors, take part in workshops and competitions to improve your skills, learn how to get into the industry, how to improve your resume and what companies are looking for in prospective candidates.

#2 Cyber Security Survival Guide
Conference Location: UK, Birmingham
Cyber Security Survival Guide

Background to this event

Information Security, Cyber Protection, Compliance and our Legal Obligations are all subjects that are now constantly on our IT Radar.

There are many companies in our sector that are at the start, or are in the early stages, of a journey toward Cyber and InfoSec maturity and aiming to reach a similar level of compliance or accreditation.

The goal of this event is to provide attendees with a number of practical case studies covering areas of common interest.

The case studies will chart successes, failures and the lessons learnt from our colleagues who have made a head start and have succeeded in implementing security related change in their organization.

It is also intended to provide keynote presentations from national Cyber and Information Security organisations. The keynotes will provide up-to-date trends and threats in the wild as well as developments in the compliance arena.

The event is aimed at senior managers, security managers and infrastructure professionals.

Videos from this presentations can be found here.

#3 National Association of Healthcare Security Annual Conference
Conference Location: UK, Birmingham
National Association of Healthcare Security Annual Conference

Background to this event

This annual conference is organized by All Security Events and will feature Key Note Speaker, Dr Kevin Macnish of Leeds University, a respected security expert (ex-GCHQ) who now lectures and consults on the ethics surrounding the provision of security. There will be a lot of other sponsors and exhibitors and other speakers will be confirmed in the next few weeks.

After the conference, the event will also feature the NAHS AGM and a networking drink.

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