Best Cybersecurity Conferences in Europe 2018 – 2019

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Global Events
#1 CCC Congress
CCC Congress

We start our list with a bang: the Chaos Communication Congress (CCC) is an annual cyber security conference organized by the Chaos Computer Club. The event attracts highly skilled cyber professionals to a mix of lectures and workshops that address technical and political issues related to Security, Cryptography, Privacy and especially Online Freedom of Speech. This conference takes place annually at the end of the year (in Germany). Think of CCC along the lines of DEF CON in terms of respect and kudos.

The Chaos Communication Congress/ Conference, is organized by the “Chaos Computer Club” which just so happens to be the largest society of European hackers. With its’ longevity of having been in existence since the 1980’s this event is clearly well positioned to attract some of Europe’s brightest minds in the cyber security space. Many events at the conference are also organized by the congress, which helps in spreading technical knowledge about online privacy, hacktivism, surveillance, monitoring and data security. CCC also helps in publishing cyber security knowledge as well as efforts to anonymize sensitive data and information. For hackers, there are a couple of hackerspaces (meeting destinations) in Germany and neighboring countries that operate rather like BSides, for sharing techniques in the best and most constructive possible way.

#2 Cyber Security Summit
Cyber Security Summit

London’s a big player in the cyber game (especially with regards to FinTech and Intelligence Gathering). There are a ton of cyber security conferences in London and we’ve posted a dedicated post to that here. It was a struggle to sieve the ‘best cyber London events’ but we felt it appropriate to include the CS Summit (Cyber Security Summit).

The CS Summit is considered as one of the major cyber conferences in the UK.

The summit brings together industry’s well-known networking experts and penetration testers to share their knowledge. Each year this conference brings together over 300+ cyber experts, senior government officials and policy-makers from across all sectors and industries to provide an update on the UK’s cyber security policy, share best practice strategies and research, and to overall help the UK to combat cyber threats and criminality. With a mixed audience attending this event is clearly a win-win for your career and enhancing your skills and knowledge. In our opinion, this conference provides a second-to-none “best cyber security policies”, frameworks of defense and prevention techniques of network attacks for all sectors be they private or public.

#3 InfoSecurity Europe
InfoSecurity Europe

This is another huge event in London: InfoSecurity Europe. This cyber conference is known as one of the biggest computer security conventions in Europe. There’s one point about this conference that makes it awesome: it’s free to attend!

The event was attended by over 12,000 visitors from more than 80 different countries which is a staggering amount of professionals (from all disciplines and sectors) all under one roof. Needless to say there are hundreds of vendors pitching their wares and well-known speakers; for example, Jimmy Wales (founder of Wikipedia) was the keynote at the 2015 event.

#4 CyberSec

This conference is Poland’s leading cyber security ‘meet-up’ and is one of the better cyber conferences to attend in Europe (in our humble opinion).

The CyberSec focus and mission is on “enabling and sharing a practical framework that can be used to make Europe’s networks more secure year on year.”

This conference also provides policy recommendations to corporate groups, which helps with regards to decision making. Also, worth noting that the cyber policies that are discussed often play an important role in building mutual trust between Europe and NATO alliance according to the organizers through the NATO Cooperative Cyber Defence Centre of Excellence”.

#5 SC Congress London
SC Congress London

SC Congress, part of SC Magazine, is a professional meeting of cyber security professionals in London. In summary, if you work in cyber then you will want to attend this event. The event typically attracts over 300+ delegates so it retains an intimate and professional setting within a relaxed setting. Needless to say, SC Congress London (as well as all the other SC events around the world) are an excellent way to network and that’s why we’ve included this event in our Top 5 Cyber Security Conferences of Europe list! They’ve also got an active LinkedIn group here.

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