Cybersecurity Conferences in Glasgow, Scotland 2018 – 2019

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What’s This Post All About?

We published a resource on Cybersecurity Conferences taking place in Edinburgh, Scotland, so it only seemed right and proper to extend the same courtesy to Glasgow!

As the title of this post suggests, this is a resource on our website that is dedicated to listing Cybersecurity Conferences that take place in Glasgow, Scotland.

Heads Up! We also have listings for events in the following UK cities:

What’s Up With Glasgow & Cybersecurity?

Just like the all the other major cities in the UK, the local Glasgow government, working alongside IT organizations are very supportive when it comes to implementing and educating Cybersecurity. Of interest regarding Glasgow and Cybersecurity are some excellent university courses being offered at Glasgow University: Masters in Information Security and Masters in IT Cyber Security and an organization called ID Cyber Solutions which has launched a Cybersecurity training facility in Glasgow in order to “provide courses and help organizations in battling Cybersecurity threats”.


Why And How Did We Select These Cyber Conferences?

Here’s how it works: if the event is in Glasgow, contains an element of Information Security and takes place once a year (or so) then it will happily be added to this resource!

Can I Add My Glasgow InfoSec Event To This Page?

My gosh: yes!

This page is a bit thin so we’d absolutely include your event or indeed any event that you are aware of. To do so just hit this contact form and let us know!

#1 National Information Security Conference
Conference Location: UK, Glasgow
National Information Security Conference

Background to this event

The National Information Security Conference will be in its 18th year. This event will provide attendees knowledge into the most recent cyber security trends, risks and defense strategies. Cyber security no longer falls under the remit of the IT Manager. High profile security breaches such as Talk-Talk and Tesco have highlighted the impact an attack can have on your business. The key to an effective defence strategy is to build a solid framework and strengthen your existing security practices. This can often be achieved by ensuring that security protocols are communicated clearly and delivered effectively.

The conference highly focused cyber security event designed to encourage peer-to-peer collaboration and thought-leading discussions in a relaxed but professional environment. It provides the proven practices and strategies needed by any cyber security professional to protect their enterprise.

#2 The Future Of Cyber Security Scotland Conference
Conference Location: UK, Glasgow
The Future Of Cyber Security Scotland Conference

Background to this event

The Future of Cyber Security Scotland Conference sessions are carefully organized to inform and engage attendees about the inner workings of what is going on in today’s Cyber Security World.

This event is a must-attend forum for senior management within all financial institutions, law firms, insurance bodies and those responsible for compliance and IT Security within their organization. This would include chief operating officers, chief information officers, heads of cyber Security, data protection and privacy officers, chief information Security officers, chief risk officers, heads of compliance, heads of business continuity, heads of legal and heads of strategy, as well as the advisory community.

Meet and Network with your Peers.

#3 IRMS Conference
Conference Location: UK, Glasgow
IRMS Conference

Background to this event

Organized by the Information & Records Management Society (IRMS), this event will provide a change to get an independent view on the key challenges surrounding this critical resource.

This will include another packed program of inspirational speakers, lively discussions and unbeatable networking opportunities – centred around the latest thinking, industry innovations and best practice from world-class organisations.

Topics included are:
-Office 365
-The Future of IRM
-Change Management
-Cyber Security

#4 Network Plus: Industrial Systems in the Digital Age Conference
Conference Location: UK, Glasgow
Network Plus: Industrial Systems in the Digital Age Conference

Background to this event

The goal of this first yearly conference is to address the fundamental science challenges to support Industrial Systems in the Digital Age. This year, the conference will be held at the James Watt Building South, University of Glasgow, Glasgow, United Kingdom.

This conference will award three best posters which are 1. best application (industry lead); 2. best research (theory); 3. best education.

Key themes will include:
-Industrial Internet of Things
-Data analytics and decision making
-Cyber security
-Service design and customisation
-People and automation
-Cyber / physical systems

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