Recommended Cyber Security Conferences, Events and Meetings in Hong Kong

Summary: In this blog post we will discuss our recommended Cyber Security Conferences in Hong Kong 5 minute read
Author: Henry Dalziel | April 3, 2017
Category: Asian Cybersecurity Conferences, Hong Kong Cybersecurity Conferences

What’s this post all about?

In this post we are going to tell you about popular (and what we believe to be worthwhile) cyber security conferences and events that take place in Hong Kong, China, each year. Of course, there are literally hundreds of events in China (which are mostly in Chinese of course) and this post is very much a ‘work-in-progress’; i.e. meaning that we will be add events to this page over the coming months and years – so don’t be fooled by the original published date of this post! One of the main reasons we thought to include Hong Kong in our list of cities and regions to report was because of their commitment to cyber with the Hong Kong’s government CFI (Cyber Security Fortification Initiative).

Why did we select these Cyber Conferences?

This is not a list of ‘upcoming events’, rather, this is a list of regular (typically annual) InfoSec events that take place in Hong Kong. We select these Conferences on two criteria: firstly, is the conference reputable?; does it attract professional Cyber Professionals? And, secondly, does the conference take place on a regular basis? If the answer to these two questions is ‘yes’ then it is very likely that we will add the event to this page.

Can I add my Cyber Security Conference that is taking place in Hong Kong to this page?

Of course! Please do! All you need to do is submit a form by visiting our main conference directory listing page here. We will happily add your event to all our resources including our weekly email that goes out to thousands of cyber security professionals.

Our recommended event!

Here’s a regular opportunity to meet like-minded Cybersecurity Professionals living and working in Hong Kong – all via – here’s the link.

Digital Identity Summit (Tsim Sha Tsui)
Where: Hong Kong, SAR, China

Join thought leaders and senior executives in the digital, risk and fraud space, from across the Asia Pacific region for the Digital Identity Summit APAC 2017. As this diverse region tackles huge digital growth and increasing cyber crime attacks there is an increasing need for cross-industry collaboration to equip APAC businesses with the best approaches and most innovative technologies for establishing trusted identities and securing transactions on the Internet. The folks organizing this event have found some excellent Cybersecurity Professionals to talk.

Information Security Summit (Hong Kong)
Where: Hong Kong, SAR, China

Taking place in Wanchai, Hong Kong, t’he Information Security Summit’ is an annual Cyber Security Regional Event that has the goal of giving attendees from across the APAC region an update on the most recent development, trends and status in information security.

Info-Security Conference
Where: Hong Kong, SAR, China

This event, which sounds very similar to the above, takes place at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre and according to the organizers, “offers a platform to share, debate and identify solutions and strategies that are working”. Typical attendees include C-Level execs and like the other events listed in our post, this event is an excellent career-networking opportunity.

‘Secure Hong Kong’ Conference Series
Where: Hong Kong, SAR, China

Similar to the above events, this is a one-day conference that is aimed at attracting Hong Kong’s CIO’s, CSO’s, and CISO’s under one roof. The conversation is intended to be ‘Hong Kong’ specific. We’ve purposely added this event because they appear to be annual – hence their inclusion.

Cyber Security for CTO’s & CIO’s
Where: Hong Kong, SAR, China

Organized by a conferences management company in Singapore, ‘Cyber Security for CTO’s & CIO’s’ is a two day workshop in Hong Kong which explores ways to better protect enterprise systems from Persistent Advanced Threats. We believe that this event is annual, as is ‘Payments Security for Digital & Mobile’ which is also organized by this company. We always enjoy placing niche-cyber events in our listings of conferences and events blog posts because they provide a wider and richer scope of

Build Secure Cyberspace
Where: Hong Kong, SAR, China

This event is organized, again, like the other events listed above, to discuss preventative ways to address and secure organizations from cyber attack. One of the most recent topics of this conference (which takes place in Hong Kong) focused on ransomware attacks and other similar attacks; all with a view to mitigate and prevent the risks.

Cyber Security Hong Kong Conferences and Events
Where: Hong Kong, SAR, China

‘Cyber Security Hong Kong’ is an event management group that organize excellent cyber-related events throughout Hong Kong (Wanchai, Kowloon, Queensway). Recent events include: ‘SME Cloud InfoSec Security Forum’ and ‘Cyber Security Seminar – Protect Your Precious Assets in Cyberspace’. In both instances, representative of the Hong Kong Police Force (HKPF) contributed by providing advice to mitigate the risk of being a target of cyber criminals.

FireEye Cyber Defense Live
Where: Hong Kong, SAR, China

We are not too sure if this event in an annual conference but with FireEye’s continued growth in the APAC region (not just Hong Kong) we thought to include their event. FireEye executives are a hardy bunch of cyber professionals with a lot of ‘cyber warfare stories’ hence another reason we are keen to include them in our round-up of Cyber Security Conferences in Hong Kong.

Challenges to Cyber Resilience for Internet Infrastructure Providers (IIP)
Where: Hong Kong, SAR, China

This event, which is more of a symposium than a conference, was designed to (according to the organizers) “bridge regional insights and local experiences to explore the best practices and collaboration amongst service providers, public and private organizations in cyber security.”

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