Best Cybersecurity Conferences in India 2017 – 2018

Indian InfoSec Events 2017

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#1 nullcon Security Conference

Description of nullcon Security Conference

Started in 2010, this Indian Cybersecurity Conferences started life with the intention of providing a platform for information sharing with regards to cyber attack vectors, vulnerabilities and threats. According to the organizers, this conference is aimed at taking information security to the next level; so they are clearly on a mission.

This conference takes place in Goa, India, so another major reason to attend! Last years speakers included Jennifer Steffens, Chief Executive Officer for IOActive. Just like many other Cyber Security Conferences do, nullcon provide training during the initial two days, then they dive into cyber discussions and talks. If you are working in the Cyber Security space in India then we’d highly recommend that you take advantage of beautiful Goa and immerse yourself in this event!

#2 DEF CON | OWASP Lucknow Information Security Conference

Description of DEF CON | OWASP Lucknow Information Security Conference

There’s no doubt, at Concise we are massive fans of DEF CON, we’ve blogged about it quite a bit before and included it in our Top Ten Cybersecurity Conferences list, so their affiliated event in India clearly had to make this list! Mainly focusing on mainstream Information Security and application security within an OWASP perspective, DEF CON India, based in Lucknow spreads awareness of cyber! If you are a penetration tester or security analyst and working in India, then this is another event which you really ought to get yourself down to. Cybersecurity Conferences in India follow an event like this – so get yourself involved, especially if you are in Lucknow.

Incidentally, Lucknow is India’s first ‘CCTV City’ with 9,500 CCTV cameras installed all over the city, as of by April, 2015 – so clearly the city is not the most friendly with those paranoid with being under surveillance, which most people associated with cyber security are! We’ve never been to Lucknow so don’t quite know why the city has so much surveillance…

#3 Next Generation Cyber Threats India Exposition

Description of Next Generation Cyber Threats India Exposition

With a surge in the number of cyber attacks in India, (just like every other nation) “Next Generation Cyber Threats India Exposition” was started in Mumbai as a series of conferences. With this being their third annual exposition, speakers would be invited from all over the world with the intention of creating a common stage to debate and discuss possible solutions to mitigate cyber risks. This conference caters to a wide selection of Indian industries that have exposure to Cyber Security, these include: Telecomms, IT, Banking, Defense, Power and Aviation etc. This event in Mumbai attracted some of the brightest minds within Information Security and for networking opportunities in India this cyber event is probably one of the better ones out there.

#4 HAKON – Terrorstorm – The Rise of Digital Terrorism + Women’s In-Security

Description of HAKON – Terrorstorm – The Rise of Digital Terrorism + Women’s In-Security

HAKON is a conference that was started the previous year and this will be its second season. They invite well-versed and experienced speakers in the field of cyber security that are highly knowledgeable. The training they provide seems excellent which focuses on the most relevant security threats facing us at the moment. Also, for ‘coolness value’ these guys have an awesome graphic and visual appeal so on those stakes it seems pretty kick-ass!

#5 The Leet Hacking Conference

Description of The Leet Hacking Conference

While exploring new ways to hack into systems, this conference also includes a hacking track where there is a discussion about Cryptography and Mobile Systems. Cryptography has always been a fascinating field in digital security as it attempts to encrypt confidential information that is sensitive. This event seems to be more of a ‘techie’ conference in India which is cool by us! Also, from our understand 1337/ leet/ l33t-con has a pretty awesome community. Go check ’em out if you are in the Patna, India region!

#6 0SecCon (ZeroSecCon)

Description of 0SecCon (ZeroSecCon)

Taking place in Kerala, India, this is likely one of the most awesome events taking place. Not only is this event free, (yup!) but it has got a sense of hackerish coolness about it. If you are serious about your information security then this really is a ‘must-go-to’ event in you live and work in India, or, if you are trying to break into the Indian Cybersecurity scene.

#7 SISA Summit – Innovation in Payments Security

Description of SISA Summit – Innovation in Payments Security

This event takes place at the start of the year in Bangalore, India. The SISA Summit 2016 is a one day conference specially aimed at the security payment cyber niche. As you would expect the event is frequented by cyber security specialists and those working within the payment industry; especially fintech. In summary, the SIS Summit acts as a platform in which payment developments (and therefore security) are presented and discussed.

#8 Cyber Radiance

Description of Cyber Radiance

Taking place in Lucknow, India, this cyber event, which lasts for two days, is aimed at students, cyber experts serving in the IT sector and Indian Law Enforcement Agencies. This event showcases in-depth Indian advances in cyber security especially within a crime-prevention digital forensics capacity.

#9 International Conference on Cyber Security

Description of International Conference on Cyber Security

This event takes place each year in Kota, India, during the summer. The International Conference on Cyber Security, abbreviated to ICCS, is similar to Cyber Radiance in the sense that Law Enforcement have a significant presence. ICCS India attracts some well-known cyber personalities and we’d certainly recommed this event if you live and work in Information Security in Kota.

#10 c0c0n

Description of c0c0n

This event takes place in Kollam, near Kerala in India. Like Cyber Radiance and ICSS, C0c0n also has a Cyber Law Enforcement (Digital Forensics) influence.

#11 International Conference on Cyber law, Cyber Crime/ Cyber Security

Description of International Conference on Cyber law, Cyber Crime/ Cyber Security

Again, another conference aimed at those working in Cyber Crime, Cyber Law and Cyber Security. This conference takes place in New Delhi, India. See above events (Cyber Radiance, ICSS, C0C0n for similar meetings).

#12 India Security Conference

Description of India Security Conference

Taking place in Mumbai, India, this event will, according to the organizers focus on: “Building safe and secured environments with Intelligence, Analytics and Mobility”. If you live in Mumbai and work within cyber security then we’d certainly recommend that you learn more about this event.

#13 CyFy: The India Conference on Cyber Security and Internet Governance

Description of CyFy: The India Conference on Cyber Security and Internet Governance

We aren’t too sure if this is an annual cyber event but we’ve added it because it likely will become a recurring event. CyFy takes place in Delhi, India, and it brings together some brilliant minds from the IT security space.

#14 IFSEC India

Description of IFSEC India

Taking place in New Delhi, this event (which takes place each year hence why it’s in our list) showcases (according to the organizers) “cutting edge products like CCTV & Cideo surveillance, Biometrics & RFID, integrated systems, access control, cyber security, integrated systems, physical security, perimeter protection, fire detection systems, intruder alarms and fire alarms.” Think of this event as being slightly more of a hardware event and you’ve got the right idea.