Recommended Cyber Security Conferences in Las Vegas

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Author: Henry Dalziel | April 3, 2017
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What’s this post all about?

In this post we are going to tell you about popular (and worthwhile) cyber security conferences and events that take place in Las Vegas each year. This post is a ‘work-in-progress’; i.e. meaning that we will be add events to this page over the coming months and years – so don’t be fooled by the original published date of this post! If you are interested in learning about Cyber Security Events that take place in Vegas then you’ve come to a useful resource, and one that we hope you enjoy and use. Our main Conference listing directory is updated on a regular basis, indeed almost daily, so if you want to learn about events that are taking place around the world (in every possible cyber niche) then we’d encourage you to take a look at that resource (link directly above).

Needless to say, Las Vegas is the holy of holies when it comes to cyber security conferences, or better said, for conferences in general!

This post takes a look at specifically conferences that we’d recommend taking place in Las Vegas, Nevada, as a whole, however, we should also mention here that we also have listings for these cities and states in the US: New York, California, San Francisco, Texas, Washington DC and an ‘overall USA Cyber Events Page’.

Why did we select these Cyber Conferences?

This is not a list of ‘upcoming events’, rather, this is a list of regular (typically annual) InfoSec events that take place within Las Vegas. We select these Conferences on two criteria: firstly, is the conference reputable?; does it attract professional Cyber Professionals? And, secondly, does the conference take place on a regular basis? If the answer to these two questions is ‘yes’ then it is very likely that we will add the event to this page.

Can I add my Cyber Security Conference that is taking place in Las Vegas to this page?

Of course! Please do! All you need to do is submit a form by visiting our main conference directory listing page here. We will happily add your event to all our resources including our weekly email that goes out to thousands of cyber security professionals.

BlackHat USA | Where: Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Clearly, no list on cyber, hacking conferences, would be complete with the next three major events that we have on our list, namely, BlackHat, DEFCON and BSides LV. Happening all in early August (sometimes the end of July) these three hacker-cons, are simply said ‘where it’s at!’. BlackHat and DEFCON were both started by Jeff Moss – and they’ve been going on for more than two decades! BlackHat is slightly younger – but these are the events to see and be seen. To be a speaker at any of these events in a major deal and would work wonders for your career. BlackHat lasts for about six days (for the entire thing including the training) whilst the actual talks are four days long. BlackHat is awesome for security practitioners of all levels followed by over 100 selected Briefings, Arsenal, Business Hall and a lot more!

DEFCON | Where: Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Started in 1993 and considered as one of the oldest and largest running hacking conferences around. There is a ton of information on DEFCON, but we’d encurage you to watch the below documentary to get a full understanding of how cool it is!

DEFCON Documentary

BSides Las Vegas | Where: Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Sharing the awesomness stakes is BSides Las Vegas. This event, which many DEFCON and BlackHat hackers also go to includes talks and demonstrations on new defense/attack techniques, hacker tools, incident response and digital forensics – and much more! These Bsides events are already happening in major cities around the world.

Ignite | Where: Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Ignite events have been going on now for quite a few year and do have a solid reputation. Organized by Palo Alto Networks, this conference attracts some excellent speakers with the intention being to share best cyber practices, give hands-on training, highlight new technology and more!

Interop Las Vegas | Where: Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Interop, as far as we can tell, differentiates itself by focusing on creating and implementing robust network and secure IT architecture. Interop’s conference (according to the organizers) “offers a balance of technical skills training and thinking. Keynotes and sessions are information that also gives an inside look at groundbreaking technology.”

Passwords Conference | Where: Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Also taking place in August (the ‘conference month’) ‘Passwords Conference’ or simply ‘PasswordCon’ is unique in the sense that it has one focus: password cracking! Whilst we might all be familiar with hacker tools like THC Hydra and John The Ripper, this event takes a far deeper review and analysis of how to crack (and protect) passwords. Leading password crackers, researchers and cyber experts in password security from around the globe gather in Las Vegas to discuss ways to improve digital authentication. The awesome thing about the ‘Passwords Conference’ is its’ uniqueness. Large cyber conferences or hacker-cons, tend to focus on the large security breaches or current hot topics in the information security industry, which of course, are wide and varied. ‘Passwords’ takes a look at pricesly where the ‘hack’ likley took place: at the user-end level. Talks focus on creating, securing, cracking, and exploiting authentication solutions. Another thing we like about ‘Passwords’ is that the fact that the organizers are keen to get the audience to interact with the speakers after their presentations.

SCADA Technology Summit | Where: Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Staying with the niche-space of cyber security conferences, here’s another one: SCADA Technology Summit. Usually taking place in early November this SCADA event, which should be taking place each year, is organized by “The Remote Monitoring & Control Conference”. We believe that there used to be two events that merged; if we are wrong with that please let us know. What we do know is this: it’s a very in-depth SCADA/ ICS conference packed full of first-class talks and presenters. The organizers bring in speakers that discuss a wide-range of subjects within SCADA-related industries such as the processing industries (refineries & chemical plants), manufacturing, railroads & other public transportation, emergency response, as well as the usual suspects in SCADA – oil & gas, utilities and sewage treatment.

SANS Network Security | Where: Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Taking place in September is the SANS Network Securit event which as ever offers first-class cyber security training. These events are always well attended and are taught by leading instructors in the cyber security.

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