Cybersecurity Conferences in Liverpool, UK 2018 – 2019

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What’s This Post All About?

We started by writing a resource on Cybersecurity Conferences that take place in London and we then felt somewhat obligated to not neglect the other major cities of the UK; not least Liverpool!

As the title suggests, this post is dedicated to IT Security events that take place in Liverpool, UK.

This resource (it is hoped!) will help Cybersecurity Professionals living and working within IT Security and based in Merseyside to let them know about events that they can attend which will perhaps give their career a boost both for career-networking but in also learning about trends, research and solutions.

Heads Up! We also have listings for events in the following UK cities:

Liverpool & Cybersecurity…

Cybersecurity is considered as one of the most serious threats facing the United Kingdom, indeed the figures for 2016 show that Cybercrime cost the UK GBP 29 Billion! In combatting cybercrime we note as far back as 2014 the University of Liverpool was developing a tools that could be used to protect organisations from cyber threats.


Why And How Did We Select These Cyber Conferences?

All that has to happen is that the event must take place in Liverpool, UK, and it must also be held on a regular basis. Also, of course, the conference (seminar or event) must have a focus on Cybersecurity.

Can I Add My Liverpool InfoSec Event To This Page?

Of course you can and we actively encourage it.

All you need to do is submit a form here. Once completed we will add your event to all our resources including our weekly email that goes out to thousands of InfoSec professionals around the world.

Conference Location: UK, Liverpool

Background to this event

This is a three day event that will bring together cyber security leaders and professionals from across the UK’s information security communities from both the public and private sector. The NCSC’s partnership with information security businesses of all sizes is essential in strengthening the UK’s cyber resilience. CyberUK will play a key role in defining the role industry must play in achieving this step change, and is expected to attract 1,600 information assurance (IA) and cyber security leaders and professionals.

#2 National Conference for Learning and Teaching in Cyber Security
Conference Location: UK, Liverpool
National Conference for Learning and Teaching in Cyber Security

Background to this event

The first National Conference for Learning and Teaching in Cyber Security was hosted by the Higher Education Academy last 2016. It was created to established to prompt scholarship and innovation, and identify and share best practice for learning and teaching cyber security in higher education. It was very well-received with attendees from a range of institutions and disciplines as well as businesses and government agencies. Therefore, the organizers expanded this to a two-day event, with the first day devoted to student presentations, posters and competitions while day two will provide a chance for academics and practitioners to share ideas through research and practice papers, posters, workshops and demonstrations.

#3 Liverpool Law Society’s Cyber Conference
Conference Location: UK, Liverpool
Liverpool Law Society’s Cyber Conference

Background to this event

It pays to be cautious against the threats of manipulation. This conference will include an engaging look into the techniques information security fraudsters use, methods used to build trust by social engineers, how and what this trust could be used for and how you can be protected. People who are involved in Cyber Security, including Managers or Partners should attend this conference.

The conference is open both to members and non-members of Liverpool Legal Society.

#4 Confed18
Conference Location: UK, Liverpool

Background to this event

Confed17 has a full two-day programme structured around 6 conference strands that focus on the essential components of developing health and care services fit for the future. Each strand contains a mix of plenary sessions, panel discussions, debates, seminars and workshops, offering a variety of ways to gain new knowledge, insights and learning in the areas of most interest and importance to you. You can share knowledge with more than 1,000 senior leaders from different organizations who will attend the conference.

Although this event is mostly about healthcare services, this conference also involves topics about Cyber Security.

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