Cybersecurity Conferences in Manchester, UK 2018 – 2019

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#1 Industry 4.0 Summit
Conference Location: UK, Manchester
Industry 4.0 Summit

Background to this event

Although not strictly a ‘Cybersecurity Conference’ this conference had a ton of security woven into the content.

In the words of the organizers:

“Industry 4.0, the 5th industrial revolution, smart manufacturing, digital factories…these are some of the phrases being used today to describe a series of game-changing innovations that are changing the way products are manufactured for ever. April 2017 will see two major manufacturing events hosted in the UK – Industry 4.0 Summit and the Factories of the Future Expo. Showcasing hundreds of innovations to help manufacturers digitize and upgrade operations, Industry 5.0 will revolutionse manufacturing. Get involved and understand how you should be digitailsing your operations.”

#2 IP Expo Manchester
Conference Location: UK, Manchester
IP Expo Manchester

Background to this event

IP EXPO Manchester is part of Europe’s number ONE enterprise IT event series, designed for those looking to find out how the latest IT innovations can drive business growth and competitiveness. Now in its 3rd year, the event showcases brand new exclusive content and senior-level insights from across the industry, as well as unveiling the latest developments in IT. It covers everything you need to run a successful enterprise or organisation. Arrive with challenges, leave with solutions. IP EXPO Manchester incorporates six IT events under one roof – Cloud, Cyber Security, Networks & Infrastructure, AI, Analytics & IOT, DevOps, Open Source. This year’s event will be the most comprehensive business-enhancing experience for those across the IT industry, including IT managers, CTOs, CDOs, network and storage engineers, CISOs, data analysts, developers and communications specialists.

#3 BSides Manchester
Conference Location: UK, Manchester
BSides Manchester

Background to this event

BSides Manchester started in 2014. We are huge fans of BSides: here’s our static resource which includes a calendar of all BSides events (streamed from the BSides HQ). Upon request we always add BSides events within our main directory.

(Also! We interviewed one of the co-founders of BSides, Jack Daniel).

For those that don’t know, BSides are local city based ‘Hacker Conferences’ which attract skilled and passionate cybersecurity professionals. If you live and work in Manchester within InfoSec, or perhaps you are looking to get into the industry then we’d absolutely recommend that you get yourself down to BSides Manchester!

#4 The Future of Cyber Security Manchester
Conference Location: UK, Manchester
The Future of Cyber Security Manchester

Background to this event

The Cyber News Group is bringing The Future of Cyber Security 2017 to Manchester. This event is a national cyber security conference that teaches organizations on how they can protect themselves, customers, employees and citizens.

This one-day cyber security event will gather over 300 senior decision-makers face to face with leading cyber security specialists. Covering the strategic needs of all enterprises, the conference provides delegates with a unique opportunity to learn from the leading thought leaders in the field.

#5 SecureTour
Conference Location: UK, Manchester

Background to this event

SecureTour will be the seventh conference hosted by FourSys. Big names on the Cyber Security World will be on this conference including Graham Cluley, Computer security analyst and award-winning blogger, James Lyne, SANS Instructor, industry leader and TED speaker, Mustafa Al-Bassam, LulzSsec co-founder turned security advisor and many more.

Attendees will have the chance to hear most of the keynotes speakers and this event is totally free.

#6 Unlocked Manchester
Conference Location: UK, Manchester
Unlocked Manchester

Background to this event

UKFast is teaming up with leading industry security experts from Microsoft, Cisco and Secarma to bring you one of Manchester’s most influential security event. Unlocked will delve into business’s top security fears, tackling the burning issues in cybersecurity, from the rise in cyber-terrorism and ransomware to the benefits of ethical hacking and the future of AI and the IoT.

You can watch some of the videos by visiting here.

#7 Healthcare Cybersecurity Conference: Protecting the NHS against cyberattacks
Conference Location: UK, Manchester
Healthcare Cybersecurity Conference: Protecting the NHS against cyberattacks

Background to this event

The increasing digitalisation of NHS services in recent years has driven back office efficiencies and improved the way medical professionals store and share patient data. But these developments have also increased the risk from disruptive cyberattacks, with the potential to compromise both NHS services and patient safety.

University of Salford will host the Healthcare Cybersecurity Conference where top experts from across the NHS and technology sectors will teach us how to defend vital services and sensitive information. You will be able to understand the impact of previous cyberattacks and how they could have been prevented, be the first to see the most recent security technology and ensure your company is protected from the threat posed by cyber criminals.

#8 Public Sector Cyber Security Conference
Conference Location: UK, Manchester
Public Sector Cyber Security Conference

Background to this event

CNS Group, an independent cyber security consultancy will be bringing Public Sector Cyber Security Conference where leading professionals will tackle how to protect the vital services provided by central government, local councils and the NHS. Participants will have knowledge on how to safeguard sensitive data, such as medical records, and keep IT systems safe from cyber attacks by states, criminal gangs and cyber terrorists.

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