Cybersecurity Conferences in New York City 2018 – 2019

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#1 International Conference on Cybersecurity
Conference Location: USA, New York
International Conference on Cybersecurity

Background to this event
Fordham University (in New York) has an excellent and reputable Masters in Cybersecurity and they also organize a cyber security conference which takes place each year.

We like this event because of its’ longevity: 2018 will be its’ seventh year!

The team at Fordham have boldly titled their event: “The International Conference on Cyber Security (ICCS)” which always attracts highly knowledgeable speakers not only from the US but worldwide.

This is an excellent opportunity for those living and working in cyber on the East Coast who’d like to network with some very talented minds. The event, abbreviated to ICCS, spans three days and hosts more that 80 speakers from government, the private sector, and the academic world.

The cost for attending this event is expensive(ish) at $895 – please check the price for 2018 by searching for it in the link below or here.

Although this video is old (2013) is certainly shows the calibre of speakers with Director of the Central Intelligence Agency John Brennan, Director of the National Security Agency (NSA) and Commander of US Cyber Command General Keith Alexander, and Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Robert Mueller participated in a panel discussion on cyber issues at the fourth International Conference on Cyber Security (ICCS) at Fordham University.

#2 Cyber Security Summit NYC USA
Conference Location: USA, New York
Cyber Security Summit NYC USA

Background to this event
We are friends with the folks at these events and we can personally vouch for them! “Cyber Summits” are events that take place in 9 cities around the USA and not just New York.

This one in Manhattan is the largest and most prestigious of the nine conferences; “The Cyber Security Summit”which is an exclusive C-Suite conference series that has the objective of connecting senior level executives responsible for protecting their companies’ critical infrastructures.

This is a rather high-brow event takes place consistently during UN Week making it the “local Summit” for the producers as it attracts delegates from around the world. It’s filled with innovative solutions to contemporary threats and is certainly worth attending if you are a senior IT manager and/ or company director.

Each of these official Cyber Security Summits is always Keynoted by some of the highest ranking experts from The Dept. of Justice, The FBI, The NSA and or The US Secret Service to share the latest threat landscape to each city’s of business leaders. The main ‘thrust’ of this one day only conference, or as they label it, ‘summit’, is to focus on educating attendees on how to best protect highly vulnerable business applications with interactive panel discussions and roundtables led by subject matter experts from both government and commercial sectors. This is an event certainly worth attending if you live on the East Coast (New York, Boston etc) and are responsible for your organization’s enterprise cybersecurity. Each attending executive is treated to a catered breakfast, lunch & cocktail reception which includes complimentary fine cigars! The video below is something their marketing team put together.

We Interviewed the Founder: Bradford Rand
What was it that prompted you to start the Cyber Security Summit, and where and when was your first event held?

My company has produced over 1,100 events since 1993 including TECHEXPO Top Secret; job fairs for the defense & intelligence industries, luxury affairs for brands such as Aston Martin & Rolls-Royce, charity events for the Red Cross and City Harvest and eco-friendly shows called Go Green Expo. I was prompted to produce The Cyber Security Summit series because I saw the need for a “ One-Day Only” learning conference for the busy Senior Level Cyber Security Executive.

There are many large scale cyber trade shows that last for many days, with hundreds of booths & thousands of attendees, but I saw the opportunity to produce a more intimate, engaging conference where business leaders wouldn’t be “overwhelmed” with so many exhibitors and lost among the thousands of people; many of which are not even in the industry. My vision was to “deliver” a high impact summit to each city’s business elite – as opposed to trying to convince them, “a busy CISO for example” who is being hacked daily and putting out multiple fires – to leave his or her post and family for 3 or 4 days. Our goal is to make the decision to “accept our invitation” to the Cyber Security Summit quite easy for the active professional who is in charge of their company’s critical infrastructure.  The “inaugural” Cyber Security Summit was held in September of 2013 at the Hilton Hotel in New York City; the series has expanded to Washington DC, Boston, Dallas, Seattle, Denver, Los Angeles, Chicago and Atlanta!

How would you like to see Cyber Security Summit evolve over time?

We have crafted a successful, one day only, high impact formula that has been working effectively over the last two years especially. The evolution of our show will be in the form of expanding to more cities throughout the United States and potentially going global. More importantly, we are entertaining the vision for adding a second day of the conference dedicated on intimately educating C-Suite executives, in a classroom setting and providing them with a certificate of completion in partnership with a prestigious university.

How do you select your speakers and subject matter?

Our advisory team assists with finding the best subject matter experts in the industry from the most cutting edge cyber companies. Our panels and interactive roundtable discussions are planned in advance with the assistance of organizations such as Infragard, The Center for Internet Security, OWASP, ISACA and numerous cyber security solution providers.

Out of all the locations where you run your Summits, which city has offered the most ‘ demand’ or shown the most interest?

Our New York City Cyber Security Global Summit is by far the most in demand, most well attended and largest with respects to participating cyber companies. As the quintessential capital of the world, the NYC conference takes place during UN Week; thus we have a distinguished audience not just from Manhattan, but from around world.

Lastly! What makes Cyber Security Summit unique?

As opposed to many other cyber events, each of our high level summits always begins with a Keynote Security Briefing from a senior expert from The Dept. of Justice, The FBI Cyber Crimes Division, The NSA and or the US Secret Service. This unbiased discussion provides our distinguished delegates with an up to date, threat landscape report without any type of pressure to purchase a cyber security solution from one sponsor over another. We also pre-screen all of the professionals that register for tickets and on average, disallow and refund about 20% of those who pre-register if they are not senior level enough for our summit. We intentionally limit the amount of exhibit booths to maintain more of a business atmosphere than a chaotic trade show experience. Additionally, we treat each of our delegates with first class engagement, providing a catered breakfast, lunch and boutique cocktail reception including complimentary hand-rolled cigars!

#3 NYS ITS (Annual) Cyber Security Conference
Conference Location: USA, New York
NYS ITS (Annual) Cyber Security Conference

Background to this event
Next on our list of cyber events in New York that we’d recommend has been around for a long time; to be precise 18 years! 2016 will be the 19th year that the Annual Cyber Security Conference takes place. Abbreviated to NYSCSC this event is held mid year, in 2015 it took place between June 2-3, 2015 at the Empire State Plaza. The conference this year had 1,300 registrants. NYSCSC is one of the more recognized and established cyber security events that happens each year in New York. The event is co-hosted by the New York State Office of Information Technology Services Enterprise Information Security Office, the NYS Forum, and the University at Albany’s School of Business and College of Computing and Information. Clearly a ‘must-attend’ if you are living and working within the NYC region.

#4 New York Metro Joint Cyber Security Conference
Conference Location: USA, New York
New York Metro Joint Cyber Security Conference

Background to this event
Next on our list is the “New York Metro Joint Cyber Security Conference” which is actually a collaboration of leading information security industry organizations and chapters within the NYC region. We included this event because, if you work in cyber security, then this is a neat little event in which you can network and get to know ‘real’ industry professionals. Cyber Security groups in attendance will be: InfraGard (New York Metro), ISACA (New York Metro, New Jersey and Greater Hartford Connecticut), ISC2 New Jersey, ISSA (New York), OWASP (New York Metro, Long Island, Brooklyn), HTCIA (North East Region) and ACFE (New Jersey). With such an awesome array of professionals under one roof this event had to make our list. If you want to network within information security then this is one event in NYC that you must not miss.

Although the video below is a little old it is still a good example of what you can expect at this event.

YouTube (Not Official Channel but has videos from their conferences)

#5 cyberSecure: The Event for Business Continuity (NYC)
Conference Location: USA, New York
cyberSecure: The Event for Business Continuity (NYC)

Background to this event
These events, which we suspect happen each year, have a particular focus within Information Security. One of their most recent events looked at “Business Continuity and Growth” which was a two-day event “uniting business leaders, finance, real estate, insurance, risk and legal professionals to discuss the steps on protecting your company against cyber attacks”. The focus would have been for New Yorkers operating SME’s.

#6 Rochester Security Summit
Conference Location: USA, New York
Rochester Security Summit

Background to this event
The Rochester Security Summit takes place each year in Rochester, NY, USA. These events feature great locally sourced speakers and panels who aim to educate delegates in cyber security and IT.

#7 Healthcare Security Summit: New York
Conference Location: USA, New York
Healthcare Security Summit: New York

Background to this event
If you live and work in the Tri-State area in a Cyber Security and Healthcare capacity then this is a ‘must go’ event.

The team behind this conference seem to be on top of their game. If it worth mentioning here that we also have a dedicated post to Healthcare Cybersecurity Events.

#8 The Annual JLCW Conference
Conference Location: USA, New York
The Annual JLCW Conference

Background to this event
The Journal of Law and Cyber Warfare symposium brings speakers that are experts with cyber security and cyber warfare from the military, government, private industry, and the public sector. Clearly, another extremely interesting event if you work in the legal space.

We also have a post (and conference list) for Cybersecurity Legal events.

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