Best Cybersecurity Conferences in Nigeria 2017 – 2018

Nigerian InfoSec Events 2017

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What’s This Post All About?

In case you hadn’t noticed, we dominate the world of Cybersecurity Conference listings! This post is all about us recommending a bunch of IT Security events that take place in Nigeria each year.

Why Is Nigeria Such A Major Player in Cybersecurity?

A recent study on Cybersecurity in Africa shows that six of the World’s fastest growing economies in terms of Cybersecurity are found in Africa and that includes Nigeria. The increase in cybercrime in Nigeria can be attributed to the unfortunate rise in poverty levels, the ‘ease’ and low entry level of executing cybercrime, and lastly, the lack of adequate legal and regulatory polices to prevent and prosecute the criminals when (and if) arrested.

Against this backdrop of criminality you can see why there is a lot of opportunity for tech companies to fight the wave of cybercrime in Africa; with Nigeria being at the epicentre. Conference are a great place to career network but also to learn about the latest and greatest research and development and, in this post, we’re going to tell you about popular (and worthwhile) Cybersecurity conferences and events that take place in Nigeria each year.

Why And How Did We Select These InfoSec Conferences?

It’s a very simple process: are the events ‘professional’ – in the sense that they attract excellent speakers, and secondly, do they take place on a frequent basis? If the answer to both ######

Can I Add My Nigeria InfoSec Event To This Page?

Of course you can and we actively encourage it.

All you need to do is submit a form here. Once completed we will add your event to all our resources including our weekly email that goes out to thoNigeriands of cyber security professionals. If you’d like to include your event please drop a comment below or contact us via this form. To include your conference, meeting or seminar to this page we only ask that it takes place in Nigeria.

We’d like to see this page grow over time; your involvement is therefore key and we appreciate everyone who has helped us create, manage and share this content!

Lastly – if you have attended any of the events posted below please share your experiences by adding a comment below.

#1 BSideLagos Cyber-Security Conference
BSideLagos Cyber-Security Conference

We start our list with a bang and a personal favorite: BSides. We love the idea that BSides, with all its’ awesomeness, shares such solid values and to see those values and its’ culture manifest itself in Lagos is brilliant. If you are living in Lagos, Nigeria and have more than a passing interest in computers, IT, and ‘hacking’ in general, then we’d absolutely encourage you to get yourself down to BSides Lagos. This BSides event typically takes place early January and like all other BSides events it has its’ principles in being an ‘open security conference’.

#2 Cyber Secure Nigeria
Cyber Secure Nigeria

Usually taking place in April, this event is mostly all about law and order! One very good thing about this event is the sheer scale and depth of speakers and industries that the organizers try to bring together under one roof. You can expect to meet professionals working in Financial Institutions, Telecommunications, Nigerian (and other African) Government Ministries, Law Enforcement Agencies, Departments, Academia, Military and NGOs with a “perspective to share cyber security best practice and help Nigeria to battle Cyber Threats and control Cyber Crime’ (quote from the organizers!).

#3 Information Technology for National Safety and Security
Information Technology for National Safety and Security

Taking place in July (but check that date; it might change), this annual is a veteran event that looks at how to achieve cybersecurity whilst advancing sustainable development. This event is organized by the Nigeria Computer Society.

#4 The Information Security Conference (NGSecure)
The Information Security Conference (NGSecure)

Also taking place in July, this goal of this event is somewhat similar to the ‘Information Technology for National Safety and Security’ in that the organizers intend the community in attendance to discuss the “critical issues of cybersecurity, identity management, electronic fraud, online security etc and its attendant effects on socio-economic development plans for Nigeria and the continent in general”.

#5 Insight Cybersecurity Conference
Insight Cybersecurity Conference

This seems to be a real classic cyber security conference. ‘Insight’ is organized by Wanostar which is a non- profit Cyber Security event outfit dedicated to Information Security Training, Training and Awareness (SETA), Research, and Cyber Forensics.

#6 CyberXchange – Where West Africa talks Cyber Security
CyberXchange – Where West Africa talks Cyber Security

This annual event takes place in November. The purpose of the CyberXchange Conference is to draw attention on the latest cyber technology (and indeed all tech) that affects the way that business is done in West Africa. This conference lasts for two days and includes programming and talks of the latest and greatest Cyber Security principles and practices.

#7 International Conference on Sciences, Engineering and Technological Innovations
International Conference on Sciences, Engineering and Technological Innovations

Although not strictly an exclusive ‘cyber security event’, this annual event (which takes place in December) is designed for individuals who wish to exhibit their research tech projects. We don’t know too much this event but it certainly sounds very high-brow and academic.

#8 Nigeria Security Expo
Nigeria Security Expo

Taking place in October, this annual event is organized by the NISEC Defence and Homeland Security Africa. You can expect to meet government employees, cybersecurity industry experts and professionals, manufacturers and vendors of various defence products and services from across Africa (not just in Nigeria). Discussions revolve around fixing security issues confronting the African Continent.

#9 eNigeria

Taking place in November, e-Nigeria is an annual information Technology (IT) summit that is organized by National Information Technology Development Agency (NITDA), which brings together relevant stakeholders from the private, public, non-governmental sectors and the international IT community. This event aims to create a platform for ICT awareness creation, and (according to the organziers) “…developing the appropriate framework and setting goals for best practices to position Nigeria in the global information society…”

#10 Nigeria ICT Fest Conference
Nigeria ICT Fest Conference

Happening in December is the NIF Conference. This event, although not strictly speaking a pure-cyber conference, shares technological research in which opinion leaders discuss their research on emerging technologies and technologies that can be of immediate relevance and advantage to Nigerians. The goal of this event, according to the organizers, is to explore how best to apply emerging technologies as solutions for issues specific to Nigeria and West Africans.