Cybersecurity Conferences in San Francisco, USA 2018 – 2019

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#1 AppSec United States (OWASP National Conference)
Conference Location: USA, California, San Francisco
AppSec United States (OWASP National Conference)

Background to this event
OWASP’s, as you all (should) know, is an abbreviation for “Open Web Application Security Project” is now it its’ 12th year. We’ve covered a lot of OWASP stuff over the years, in fact we used to have a Top Ten OWASP threats course which we are in the process of updating and we’ve also had Michael Coates, the Chairman of the OWASP board and creator of AppSensor, on Hacker Hotshots way back in 2013. If we look at all the cybersecurity conferences that take place in San Francisco, California, of which there are dozens, we note that there is one undisputed authority when it comes to web application security, and that’s the OWASP National Conference.

The OWASP National Conference is considered as being the premier application security conference for developers and security experts which makes it a ‘must-go-to’ cyber event if you work in the San Francisco web app, and web app security space. These conferences pack in a huge amount. If you go then you’ll hear from an amazing group of inspirational speakers. Past events include Facebook’s CSO, DHS’s Chief Cybersecurity Officer, Twitter’s TISO and Microsoft’s MVP for Developer Security! Again, attending this conference is a no-brainer. Get yourself down there if you work in web app security.

#2 Cyber Risk Insights Conferences
Conference Location: USA, California, San Francisco
Cyber Risk Insights Conferences

Background to this event
Second on a list, and perhaps not so well known, is the Cyber Risk Insights Conference which takes place each year in San Francisco. The event organizers promote the event by saying that their event combines a IT Security training and networking for cyber risk managers, CISO’s, CTO’s, CRO’s and indeed all other risk professionals. What makes this particular cyber event unique is that the attendees share specific cyber knowledge, i.e. in this instance they share their insights into the critical privacy, network security and insurance coverage that face organizations and their insurers.

All talks therefore are slanted with an emphasis on business, technology and regulatory factors that exist in business; specifically California and the West Coast.

#3 RSA Conference USA
Conference Location: USA, California, San Francisco
RSA Conference USA

Background to this event
RSA made our top ten list of 2015 cybersecurity conferences which we posted a while back.

RSA is probably one of the best known Cyber Conference of the year (along with DEF CON and Black Hat) and is the standard ‘Vendor-Security Fest’. At its’ heart, the RSA Conference is (which takes place in San Francisco each year) is a cryptography and information security-related conference. RSA Conference started in 1991 as “Cryptography, Standards and Public Policy”, a forum for cryptographers to gather and share the latest knowledge and advancements in the area of Internet security.

Despite it being a haven for cybersecurity promotion, this Californian conference is officially a vendor-independent event. In reality, the conference is managed by RSA, the Security Division of EMC, with guidance from leaders in the information security industry.

RSA lasts for a few days which break down into two main categories: the conference, which hosts speakers for a variety of cybersecurity related topics, and a cyber vendor exposition. Most of the talks discuss Internet Security.

It’s worth also stating that the RSA Conference in San Francisco is part of a wider network of RSA events that include cities like Singapore and Amsterdam.

#4 ISSA International Cyber Security Conference
Conference Location: USA, California, San Francisco
ISSA International Cyber Security Conference

Background to this event
The theme of ISSA events change each year. Likely you’ve already heard of ISSA, if you haven’t then here’s their website (in summary they are a cyber/ IT security membership association). For those requiring CEU/ CPD’s this cyber event in San Francisco is an excellent way to achieve that. The ‘ISSA International Conference’ is an industry-specific membership event which happens each year for ISSA members. This conference provides an excellent opportunity to obtain critical cybersecurity education with dozens of breakout sessions that have the bonus of being able to generate 20 CPE/ CEU credits! Therefore, if you live and work in the California/ San Francisco region and are an ISSA member then we’d certainly recommend you to attend this conference. This is a particularly good networking event that will help to boost your career in cyber.

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