Who are you guys?

We’re located in London, UK with a presence in South East Asia (Hong Kong) and a ton of experience in the US. We’re a small and tight team managed by two brothers, Max and Henry Dalziel. If you’d like to work with us please drop us an email.

How do you get your data?

That would be telling! No seriously – we’ve been doing this since 2012 and we’ve developed a bunch of scripts, bots and ways (including human methods!) to devour the Internet for information relating to Cybersecurity Conferences and Events.

How do you eliminate spam?

Good question, well the answer is that every single event that is added to our Cybersecurity Conference directory is vetted as being a legit InfoSec event. The ‘vetting’ is done by a real human being – yes indeed – a real one!

How does your premium service work?

We offer a monthly subscription service in which we provide information on speaking opportunities and we also offer ticket discounts, for more information please hit this link.

Does your premium service have a commitment?

No sir, no ma’am! You can cancel at anytime.

How does the premium messaging work?and discounts?

We send out push messages to your mobile or we send out email, whichever you prefer.

Can my company use one account?

We’d really rather you didn’t because it allows us to send specific event data to match your profile.

How many events do you list every year?

On average we list over 1,000 Cybersecurity Events. Most of them take place in the US with the UK being the second most popular location for InfoSec events to take place.

Who manages your site?

Our entire website and tech stack is managed in-house. Our lead developer and website administrator is Henry Dalziel.

what technology do you use?

We use a bunch of different technologies to make our site work as efficiently as possible. If you’re really interested drop us an email and we’ll explain more.