Hacker Boxes @ DEF CON

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Written by Henry Dalziel

Hacker Boxes offers a monthly subscription box curated for hackers with an array of cool hacker gear.

This concept aligns perfectly with the love for DEF CON Badges.

The Hacker Boxes folks had a booth at this year’s DEF CON event – it kinda of reminds us of the gear that Hak5 continues to sell.

We discovered these guys on Youtube from the DEF CON channel (see video below) and it seems pretty interesting so thought we’d publish some content on it.

They’ve created exclusive toolkits, including a war-driving platform for collecting Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GSM, and GPS data, offering hands-on experience and skills for security professionals.

Hacker Boxes not only provides tools but also empowers users with knowledge, helping them excel in interviews and expand their security mindset.

One of the cool things of course is that by engaging with Hacker Boxes you can benefit in multiple security aspects.

Pentesting is all about using equipment and hacker tools, so learning how to use hardware (as well as the software) would be a massive plus for example in an interview or something similar.

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