Hacker Hotshots

Presentations From Influential CEO, CTO’s, CISO’s & CMO’s from Leading Cybersecurity Companies

Since 2012 we’ve been inviting Cybersecurity Professionals to present their subject-matter expertize.

Every month we showcase some of the world’s most pioneering Cybersecurity companies through our “Hacker Hotshots” web show. If you’d like to take part please send us a message here.

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Some Of Our Favorite Past Presentations

Ponemon Institute

CISOs’sā€¦.The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

Dr. Larry Ponemon


OWASP Broken Web Applications VM

Chuck Willis


Introduction to Network Traffic Analysis

Jonathan Chipp


Multi-Factor Authentication

Abby Porter


Penetrating the Cloud Opportunities and Challenges for Business

Andi Mann


Evading Deep Inspection For Fun And Shell

Antti Levomaki

Dragos Security

Smart Nest Thermostat: A Smart Spy in Your Home

Daniel Buentello

Palo Alto Networks

UnVeiling LTE Cloud Security

Dr. Galina Pildush

SANS Institute

Hacking as an Act of War

G Mark Hardy


Are Your Audience-Building Efforts Suffering Due to Consumer Privacy Concerns?

Joanne Furtsch

F-Secure Corporation

Eliminate Corporate Reputation Threat

Joonas Kuorilehto


The SimpleRisk Solution

Josh Sokol


HTML5 Security Cheat Sheet

Mario Heiderich

Contrast Security

Looking For A Simple Tool To Test Web Apps? Contrast Security Scanner Explained

Jeff Williams

Intel Corporation

Mobility in the Cloud

Steve Orrin


Passive Bluetooth Monitoring in Scapy

Ryan Holeman


Investigating Powershell Attacks

Ryan Kazanciyan


Distributed File Storage Using JavaScript Botnets (HiveMind)

Sean Malone


Eyes on IZON Surveilling IP Camera Security

Mark Stanislav


Attacking XML Processing

Nicolas Gregoire

Alert Logic

Hidden Risks of Component-Based Software Development

Ryan Berg


Identity and Access Management for the Cloud — The Hybrid Reality

Michael Hatjiyannis

Cyber Defense Magazine

Bulletproof IT Security

Gary Miliefsky

Alert Farsight Security

Abuse of CPE Devices and Recommended Fixes

Dr. Paul Vixie

Booz Allen Hamilton

CCTV Setup, Attack Vectors, and Laws

Joshua Schroeder


Hacking Survival (IT for Preppers)

Larry Pesce

Herjavec Group

Secrets Of Running An InfoSec Consulting Business

Dr. Larry Ponemon

Denim Group

The Magic of Symbiotic Security Creating an Ecosystem of Security Systems

Dan Cornell


Take the Guesswork Out of Your Network Security Investments

Don Shin


“Bring Your Own Destruction” BYOD

Aamir Lakhani

Awake Security

How To Crack SIP Authentication & Listen To VoIP Calls In 15-Minutes!

Eric DeShetler

Barracuda MSP

The Annihilation of Usernames and Passwords (For Real)

Gerry Texeira


How To Security Audit iPhone and iPad Applications

Ilja van Sprundel

Absolute Software

This Is I.T.

Guy Helmer


Cloudstack Rapid Fire Vendor Responses

Jay Judkowitz


How To Perform A Basic System Scan And Exploit XSS

Jeremy Faircloth

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