HACKLU | Interview with Alexandre Dulaunoy

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First Published: , by Henry Dalziel
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Hack.lu is (in my humble opinion) the best Cybersecurity Conference in Luxembourg and one of the best Hacker Conferences in Europe. Within the DACH and central European region there are hundreds of InfoSec events but some jump-out more than others and Hack.lu is one of those!

The feedback our community has given us about hack.lu is that this yearly computer security conference brings together a bunch of interesting personalities throughout Europe and beyond. Also, of interest, we note that the event has an association with the Computer Incident Response Centre Luxembourg, the country’s national CERT.

The first HACKLU (as it is often written was organized in 2005 so you can consider this as being one of Europe’s oldest hacker conferences.

Event Details

October 20th, 2020
This Event is Now Over
Academic, Cloud Security, Cybercrime, Forensics, Hacker Conference, IOT, Offensive Security (Malware), Risk, and Web Application Security

Review of the event within our directory:

Fingers crossed that the date remains as planned. Hack.lu has been taking place for many years now so it’s fantastic to see the organizers put on a brave face and motor through and say that it is taking place. Expect amazing speakers and a sophisticated lineup of Cyber Professionals attend.

Where other events listed throughout our directory, this conference places focus on enforcing a strong ethic on the practical side of Cybersecurity. The HACKLU ethos it seems is to connect all stakeholders from within the security space and share ideas and research on subject matter like computer security and privacy.

The HACKLU CTF is legendary stuff too.

The FluxFingers team from Ruhr-University Bochum are the CTF event organizers and they oversee a CTF that last two days! Another event that springs to mind that offer another major CTF is NorthSec in Canada. You don’t have to physically be located at the event to participate, you can do so remotely which makes this CTF at a conference all that more fascinating.

I caught up with the HACKLU founder Alexandre Dulaunoy and asked him the following questions.

What’s The “Best Thing” About HACKLU?

Small, open to everyone, inclusive, fun, and attractive. hack.lu started as a small event infosec event 15 years ago to bring the international security community in Luxembourg.

How Would You Like To See Your Event(s) Evolve?

Improving the library and archiving of the information and knowledge produced during the hack.lu conference. The 16th edition is focusing on producing a book with all the materials submitted and accepted.

What Do You Look For In Speakers And Their Presentations?

We have an open CFP [policy] where anyone can apply for hack.lu.

In Summary

Huge thank you to Alexandre for having taken the time to answer my questions and participate in our “Conference Spotlight” series.