How To Persuade Your Boss To Send You To IT Security Conferences

What’s This Post About?

If you’re passionate about Cybersecurity then you’ll almost certainly find attending conferences to be a positive experience.

There are so many obvious reasons why you should be attending conferences; indeed, your boss should be actively encouraging you to get out the office and represent the organization, however that is not always the case. Perhaps you’ve got a bunch of tight deadlines, or perhaps even your boss just simply doesn’t believe in the value of taking part in conferences. The purpose of this post is to dispel and remedy the latter point!

In summary, this purpose of this resource is to persuade your boss in getting you out the office and enjoying (and networking!) at security events. By the way, since we have you – the below are some niches that we follow:

We Think That There Are 5 Benefits Of Attending Cybersecurity Conferences

Some of these should be kinda obvious – but in this post we spell them out so we’re all clear.

Before attending a conference it would be prudent to discover events that are taking place within your niche. There are literally dozens of different InfoSec niches and each of those has many conferences, seminars and events that you can participate in. Here are the niches that we can offer information on regarding conferences:

If you think we are missing any reasons to attend a conference please drop a comment below!

1. Attending Security Conferences is an excellent way to network with your peers.

You might be connected to your peers on LinkedIn and other Social Media but meeting in person is ideal. Emails, instant messaging, joining LinkedIn Cybersecurity Groups, Facebook etc all have tremendous value but you’ll never be able to explain yourself, and listen, to your peers as you would when meeting in person.

Remember that when you attend a conference you should always try to make appointments with people you’d like to network with before the actual event and try to lock them down to a specific time during the event so that you’ll be able to talk.

Remember – Cybersecurity Professionals (generally) love to talk about their passion, so let them! Focus more on them and you’ll do better when it comes to networking at conferences.

2. You’ll Learn From The Greatest Minds in Cybersecurity

We all have a story to bring to the table, and there is no difference to Cybersecurity Events. No one is a ‘Cybersecurity Expert’ – that would be, in my opinion, an almost impossible feat given the relentless evolving landscape, threats and technologies that are entwined within the myriad of attack surfaces. With that being said, conferences allow Specialists within their InfoSec niche to be a highly valued source of information.

Typically speakers at conferences have had their research accepted through a request of “call for papers” so the content and material would have been vetted before hand. Clearly, if you work in, for example Healthcare Cybersecurity or FinSec/ FinTech then the speakers and talks that you’ll almost certainly benefit from listening and watching their talks.

3. It’s All About Branding…

Attending conferences has many advantages as we’ve established in this post – but here are two absolute and inarguably awesome instant benefits from going to Cyber Events: you’ll be branding your employer whilst you’ll also branding yourself!

Meeting and creating business relationships is infinitely easier at conferences and as a result your brand will be at the forefront. With advance planning and preparation on who you should be meeting at the conference you’ll have ample opportunity to, at the very least, promote your brand.

We’d advise that if you work in Cybersecurity that you try to specialize: perhaps become a SCADA/ ICS Specialist or Cyberterrorist Specialist etc – but the more contacts you build through your networking can only benefit your career.

Remember – try to make your conversations about them, not about you. Don’t offer your business card until you’ve established a constructive conversation that has elicited a degree of interest from them.

4. Attending Cyber Events Are Fun!

Cybersecurity is a truly fascinating subject. If you work in Cybersecurity and find the content dull then clearly you are in the wrong space. From ‘hacking cars’ to ‘political election hacking’ to global ‘Ransomware Shutdowns’ there is an endless amount of interesting content.

Many events have ‘Capture The Flag Competitions’, lock-picking, Hacker Villages and there’s always a ton of training as well.

5. Get Out Of The Office

Taking a break from the offices increases our productivity. Studies show that those who give in to some kind of diversion or distraction and leave the office environment perform better than those who just keep at it without a break.

Taking a break and traveling to and attending a conference allows us to come back to the job at hand with renewed energy and sense of purpose.

In Summary

What do you think? Can you think of other benefits of attending Cybersecurity Conferences? To find events in your city go ahead and hit up our main directory list for 2018 here or for events in 2018 please follow this link.

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