Assured Enterprises

Assured Enterprises offers specialist cybersecurity assessments, consulting services and products. This Cybersecurity company’s expertise in Analysis, Analytics, Design and Architecture allows them to provide tailored solutions to their clients and assist them achieve sustained growth while protecting their most valuable assets. Having supported the highest security levels of the then Government and Defense and Intelligence … Read more

Sword Group

Sword has 2,300+ IT/Digital & Software specialists present over five continents to accompany you in the growth of your organisation in the digital age As a leader in technological and digital transformation, Sword has since 2000 acquired a solid reputation in software publishing and in complex IT & business project management With Sword you have … Read more


One of the most respected, member-driven standards bodies in the world, OASIS offers projects—including open source projects—a path to standardization and de jure approval for reference in international policy and procurement. OASIS has a broad technical agenda encompassing cybersecurity, privacy, Cryptography, Cloud computing, IoT, augmented reality… In fact, any initiative for developing code, APIs, specifications, … Read more

Gospel Technology

Gospel Technology was founded on the belief that the control, privacy, and ownership of data will become one of the defining principles of the 21st century. Sensitive data has become the most important asset of any enterprise organization, and demonstrating trust, security, and control of that data will be the difference between business success and … Read more


They believe that everyone is born with the right to privacy. Privacy is what makes them unique, what makes each of them an individual person. That’s why StrongSalt was created. Based in Silicon Valley, a place known for innovation, the company has developed a way to assist people communicate and store data without worrying about … Read more

Oxford Biochronometrics

Oxford BioChronometrics is a leader in the fight against digital fraud. Whether it’s protecting and validating impressions, clicks, leads, conversions, or purchases, they secure the entire demand gen funnel to safeguard profits and save companies from litigation. This Cybersecurity company’s technology works better because it works differently. Winner 2017 NATO Defense Industry Challenge! their SecureAd … Read more

Penta Security Systems

Penta Security Systems is an information technology security firm headquartered in the dynamic, innovative city of Seoul, Korea. Offering web application security, database security, and public key infrastructure (PKI) solutions, Penta Security Systems is a major provider of core cybersecurity technology in the Asia-Pacific region. The company was started in 1997, Penta Security now has … Read more


AppsPicket assists organisations and individuals access cloud, web and mobile in a seamless and secure manner. This Cybersecurity company’s innovative Two Factor Authentication (2FA) technology permits users to be authenticated in a strong (2FA) sense without the hassles of OTPs/hardware tokens or additional Authenticator apps. When combined with their Single Sign-On technology, this extends the … Read more


Established in 2015, they called themselves Digital Risks. This cybersecurity company set out with a simple ambition: to make insurance better for digital businesses. This tech company sparked something special: interesting products, and a seamless experience to match. In 2020, they became Superscript. A name that, by definition, encapsulates what They’re all about: elevating their … Read more


Patientory primarily empowers patients, clinicians, and healthcare organizations to securely access and transfer protected health information while providing actionable insights to improve health outcomes. This cybersecurity company uses blockchaintechnology via the PTOYMatrix to ensure end-to-end encryption while adhering to regulatory guidelines and compliance requirements.