Executives, high-profile and high-net-worth individuals, and their families benefit from BlackCloak’s digital executive security. Attacking an individual’s online privacy, home networks, and personal devices in order to circumvent enterprise security controls and move laterally into an organization’s digital infrastructure, or to commit cybercrime, online fraud, reputational damage, and identity theft, is now a common concern … Read more


CyPro specialises in helping small-to-medium sized businesses achieve a step-change in their security maturity to prepare them for increased audit and regulatory requirements as they grow. They feel there is a better way to handle cyber security at CyPro. Not frightening and chaotic, but calm and deliberate. They stay focused on your unique cyber dangers … Read more


Kapstone is a leading provider of advanced cybersecurity solutions and offering end-to-end security consulting, implementation, and training services. Kapstone has developed a comprehensive cybersecurity toolkit based on their prior decades of experience implementing CJIS 5.x, HIPAA, NIST 800-53 driven cybersecurity Program. Kapstone assists you understand regulatory mandates, Operational requirements, and best practices, assess your actual … Read more


CoreStack, an AI-powered multi-cloud governance solution, empowers enterprises to rapidly achieve Continuous and Autonomous Cloud Governance at Scale. CoreStack enables enterprises to realize outcomes such as a 40% decrease in cloud costs and a 50% increase in operational efficiencies by governing operations, security, cost, access, and resources. CoreStack also assures 100% compliance with standards such … Read more


AU10TIX, an identity management company headquartered in Israel, offers critical, modular solutions to link physical and digital identities so that companies and their clients can confidently connect. Over the last decade, AU10TIX has become the preferred partner for customer onboarding and customer verification automation and they continue to work on the edge of what’s next … Read more


AwareGO is a global provider of security awareness training content and solutions that assist enterprises improve cybersecurity awareness in the workplace and protect their business from modern-day cybersecurity risks. AwareGO’s continuously growing library of training videos applies best-in-class tools and techniques from the advertising industry to create effective one-minute, real-life videos proven to increase security … Read more

GeoLang Limited

From increased data visibility to supporting regulatory compliance, GeoLang part of the Shearwater Group PLC specializes in assisting organizations locate, understand, and protect their critical and high-value information across their digital estate. This Cybersecurity company’s award-winning Ascema Data Security suite leverages the latest machine learning, fingerprinting, and classification algorithms to assist future-proof your organization, as … Read more

Owl Cyber Defense

Owl Cyber Defense leads the world in data diode and cross-domain network cybersecurity. With a constant focus on clients in the military, government, critical infrastructure, and commercial communities, Owl develops market-first, one-way data transfer products to meet a variety of operational needs, from entry-level to enterprise.


Dataguise is the leader in personal data discovery and protection, assisting organizations minimize risks and costs as they store and use data to drive business value. From automating information security and privacy processes to fueling data analytics and IT transformation initiatives, they empower business teams across the enterprise with a smart approach to managing personal … Read more


As an independent IT security specialist, Caretower offers comprehensive solutions to individual problems, thus allowing their recommendations to be unbiased. Over the years Caretower has quickly established many long standing relationships with all of their vendors, achieving the highest status within these organisations based on the level of expertise within their internal sales, support and … Read more