CyPro specialises in helping small-to-medium sized businesses achieve a step-change in their security maturity to prepare them for increased audit and regulatory requirements as they grow. They feel there is a better way to handle cyber security at CyPro. Not frightening and chaotic, but calm and deliberate. They stay focused on your unique cyber dangers … Read more

Cybersafe Solutions

Cybersafe Solutions was designed from the ground up to assist organizations across multiple industries to defend against modern-day cyber-attacks. This Cybersecurity company’s firm takes a proactive approach to your endpoint & network cybersecurity by focusing on people, processes, and technologies to deliver their “Defense-In-Depth” cyber protection model. This cybersecurity company believes there is no single … Read more


ImmuniWeb is a global application security company based in Geneva, Switzerland that creates machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) technologies for application security testing, attack surface management, as well as deep web (dark web) content monitoring provided via the ImmuniWeb AI Platform. Their service extends to over 100 countries. Some of the organization’s founders … Read more

Codified Security

Codified Security tests your mobile app for security issues before you release it, assisting you to find and fix vulnerabilities when there’s no time to do a complete penetration test. Here’s how they do it: 1. After you upload your app they test the client-side using static analysis. 2. After testing they use manual analysis … Read more


Their number one priority is to provide their customer with best-in-class solutions based on superior security and regulatory compliance knowledge and support. This cybersecurity company offers true global coverage, allowing them to respond to the intricate information security nuances required in today’s interconnected environment. With every engagement, they aim to provide tailored and pragmatic consultancy … Read more


In the age of digital transformation, businesses are opening themselves up to far greater risks and greater threats in their environment. CIOs and CISOs are therefore beginning to look at their security environment through a digital lens. CyberInt has been recognized by both Gartner and Forrester as an innovator in securing digital businesses. CyberInt’s Managed … Read more


DarkOwl is a Denver-based company that empowers organizations to continually improve their cybersecurity defenses using darknet intelligence. The DarkOwl Vision platform offers access to the world’s largest index of DARKINT (darknet, deep web, and high-risk surface web) content, along with the tools and services to efficiently find leaked or otherwise compromised sensitive data. Unlike conventional … Read more


When your business relies on security, compliance, and a strong reputation for taking care of your customers, you need a partner that understands your ethos, your challenges and has considerable experience in providing pragmatic support and guidance to safeguard your business. With their market-leading cybersecurity team, their innovations from their forensic lab, their experience, and … Read more


Pcysys delivers an automated penetration-testing platform that assesses and reduces corporate cybersecurity risks. By applying the hacker’s perspective, their software, PenTera, identifies, analyzes and prioritizes remediation of cyber defense vulnerabilities. Security officers and service providers around the world use Pcisys to perform continuous, machine-based penetration tests that improve their immunity against cyber attacks across their … Read more


Synack, the most trusted crowdsourced security testing platform, delivers smarter penetration testing for dynamic attack surfaces on a continuous cadence. The company’s hacker-powered, AI-enabled pen test offers access to the best worldwide talent, scalable and smart technology, and insights that secure their nation’s critical infrastructure and leading brands and businesses.