L7 Defense

L7 Defense’s Ammune protects APIs and API-based applications inline while utilizing innovative unsupervised AI/ML technology. Ammune is known for its unsurpassed automation, superior threat coverage, and high visibility of APIs activity. Ammune consists of three standalone modules: Ammune API-WAF which secures APIs from threats detailed in the “OWASP Top 10″ list, Ammune API-Bot that secures … Read more


NeuraLegion assists significantly improve application security at a lower cost by providing a 0-false positive, AI-powered DAST & Fuzzer solutions that are purpose-built for modern development environments. This cybersecurity company integrates into DevOps environments and enables you to run DAST scans as part of your CI/CD flows to identify a broad set of known (7,000+ … Read more


Aperio’s product validates the quality and integrity of operational data in real time for industrial operations. Using cutting edge technology, they ensure the validity, reliability, and authenticity of industrial sensor data.


ImmuniWeb is a global application security company based in Geneva, Switzerland that creates machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) technologies for application security testing, attack surface management, as well as deep web (dark web) content monitoring provided via the ImmuniWeb AI Platform. Their service extends to over 100 countries. Some of the organization’s founders … Read more


ThetaRay is focused on assisting clients at large financial organizations, cybersecurity divisions and critical infrastructure become more resilient and seize opportunities. Its advanced analytical solutions operate with unprecedented speed, accuracy and scale, enabling clients to manage risk, detect money laundering schemes, uncover fraud, expose bad loans, uncover operational issues and reveal valuable new growth opportunities.


Inpher has pioneered cryptographic Secret Computing technology for secure, privacy-preserving analytics and Machine Learning. As data-driven companies and pervasive AI consume more information, it is increasingly difficult to access valuable data sources due to expanding organizational and sovereign data privacy, security, and compliance requirements. Inpher’s Secret Computing products enable data scientists to compliantly, securely, and … Read more


Tessian protects every business’s mission by securing the human layer. Using Machine Learning technology, Tessian automatically predicts and eliminates advanced threats on email caused by human error – like data exfiltration, accidental data loss, business email compromise and phishing attacks – with minimal disruption to employees’ workflow. As a result, employees are empowered to do … Read more


Signifyd, the world’s largest provider of guaranteed fraud protection, enables online retailers to provide a friction-free buying experience for their customers. Signifyd leverages big data, machine learning, and domain expertise to provide a 100 percent financial guarantee against fraud on approved orders that later turn out to be fraudulent. This effectively shifts the liability for … Read more

Obsidian Security

Obsidian offers a simple yet powerful security platform that delivers unified visibility and monitoring across SaaS applications to safeguard against breaches, detect threats, and respond to incidents with zero impact on productivity. Obsidian is the first cloud detection and response platform in the market. This cybersecurity company is backed by Greylock Partners, Wing, and GV.


Using advanced network mapping and management technology, CyberMDX adds layers of protection and operations-improving cyber insights to healthcare organizations.