RNT Professional Services

RNT Professional Services, LLC has over 25 years of expertise in cybersecurity and data privacy. The business, which is based in Norman, Oklahoma, has historic roots in the Sooner State yet serves clients all around the world. With an industry-agnostic approach, expertise encompasses cybersecurity audits and assessments. Critical infrastructure protection and organizational security compliance are … Read more


Cympire was founded by cyber, simulation, and gaming experts, who believe that mission-ready cyber professionals are the key to a safer globe. Their platforms combine gaming, training, and simulation, with a strong educational rationale, into a fun and holistic learning environment.


Indegy, a leader in industrial cybersecurity, protects industrial control system (ICS) networks from cyber threats, malicious insiders, and human error. The Indegy Industrial Cybersecurity Suite with Indegy CIRRUS cloud service (ICSaaS), is powered by patented technology that arms security and operations teams with full visibility, security, and control of ICS activity and threats. Indegy combines … Read more

Applied Risk

As a trusted partner for industrial cyber security, Applied Risk is driven to safeguard the critical infrastructure their society depends on. Combining cybersecurity knowledge and experience in operational technology, Applied Risk offers tailored solutions that assists asset owners, system integrators and suppliers to develop, deploy and maintain cyber-resilient operations. Based in The Netherlands, Applied Risk … Read more

Mission Secure

Mission Secure, an OT cybersecurity leader, is setting a new standard in OT cyber-protection. Delivering military strength, industrial grade operational technology (OT) protection, Mission Secure safeguards industrial control systems (ICS), supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA), distributed control system (DCS), cyber-physical systems (CPS), industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), and more. With Mission Secure, clients keep … Read more


Dellfer is empowering the people creating and deploying connected devices. Dellfer offers tools for DevOps to add endpoint protection during the build process at the factory. The protected devices emit forensic data in the field to a cloud service, which enables SecOps to monitor thwarted cyber-incursions and system health.

Trinity Digital Security (TDS)

Trinity Digital Security (TDS) offers premium IT/OT and security services. They also offer professional consultancy, managed services and solutions for: OT Security Assurance, Automated Penetration Testing, Governance, Risk and Compliance, Security Awareness and Training, Security Configuration Management and Benchmarking Trinity can assist you if you are constrained by budget limitations, experiencing a shortage of security … Read more


Radiflow is a leading provider of cybersecurity for critical infrastructure networks. The Radiflow solution offers operators with visibility and control of their OT network; including both non-intrusive Industrial IDS to monitor real-time networks and security gateways to secure access to devices in critical zones. Radiflow was started in 2010 as part of the RAD group, … Read more


CRITIFENCE offers pioneering cybersecurity solutions designed for Critical Infrastructure, SCADA, and Industrial Control Systems which allow monitoring and control OT networks easily and totally passively. CRITIFENCE designed to deal with the challenge of defending stable and complex OT environments combine different hardware equipment such as PLCs, HMIs, and more which serve high-importance critical processes in … Read more


Hardwear.io Security Conference and Training is a platform for the hardware and security community where researchers showcase and discuss their innovative research on attacking and defending hardware. We’ve known the folks at Hardware.io for a long time now and we’ve even interviewed Aseem Jakhar. They also organize a ton of Cybersecurity Conferences, for example, Hardwear.io … Read more