Our New Approach To Conference Listings

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Written by Henry Dalziel

In this post, I outline a new approach to the way we list our cybersecurity conference listings. The changes are pretty radical, but we have our reasons and logic, two areas that I am very happy to share with our community.

Quick History

We’ve been listing cybersecurity events and conferences since 2013. During that time we’ve listed somewhere between 12-14,000 events. It’s a staggering amount and on average, about 75% of that was (and remains) to be user-generated.

We’ve broadly stuck to the same categories (i.e. “niches” within cybersecurity). They are:

  • Artificial Conferences
  • Blockchain Conferences
  • Cloud Security Conferences
  • Cryptography Conferences
  • CXO Level Conferences
  • Cyber Physical Conferences
  • Cybercrime Conferences
  • Cyberwarfare Conferences
  • Big Data Conferences
  • DevSecOps Conferences
  • FinSec/FinTech Conferences
  • Digital Forensics Conferences
  • US Government Conferences
  • Hacker Conferences
  • Cybersecurity Healthcare Conferences
  • IoT Conferences
  • Legal Conferences
  • Machine Learning Conferences
  • Mobile Security Conferences
  • Networking Conferences
  • Offensive Conferences
  • Privacy Conferences
  • Programming Conferences
  • 3rd-Party Risk Conferences
  • SCADA Conferences
  • Social Engineering Conferences
  • Transport Conferences

What’s Changed?

The Past

In the past, we used to list events within their own entity.

The Present

Now we organize our event listing by the conference organizer, and then place their events within their own page.

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