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Ask any of the world's leading infosec thought leaders, and they'll tell you that Attending and Speaking at Cybersecurity Conferences is a TRIED and PROVEN way to boost your profile and increase your (personal) brand. As a wise man once told me, son, Your Net-Worth Is Your Network - and attending infosec conferences is a sure-fire way to build your network!

This is further reinforced when I’ve spoken to cybersecurity marketing professionals who are looking for channels to grow their business who have all said that attending and sponsoring conferences is still the best way to promote their products, meet prospects face to face, and generate sales.


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Receive Daily (Geo-Specific) Curated CFP Alerts And Secure Speaking Opportunities Before Your Competition

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Enjoy Free Tickets From The Worlds Best Cybersecurity Conferences Every Week. We cover the US, Europe, Asia, Africa and Latin America

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Take Free (Conference) Training Courses from the world's leading instructors. Stay informed on the latest threats and countermeasures

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Promote Your Business with free corporate packages, including free booths and speaking slots.

Save Time Researching Which Event To Attend. Over 1,435 Conference Organisers Come To US Every Year To Promote Their Events

Sorting through 1,000's of conferences every year, and trying to figure out which ones you or your company should attend requires a Huge Time Investment. BUT, after you becoming a Premium Subscriber, you can sit back and let us do all the work for you. We'll curate CFP alerts, send you free tickets and share free training and corporate sponsorship packages (straight to your inbox or phone).

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As a Premium Subscriber you'll receive instant access to our Premium Membership Platform. The Platform contains detailed information on global speaking opportunities, 100's of free ticket offers, free training offers and free corporate sponsorship packages..

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Save $1,000's In Ticket Prices Every Year (Guaranteed)!

Ticket prices for Cybersecurity conferences range in price from $500 to $1,500 each. And on top of that, you have to add travel and accommodation. Simply put, attending conferences is expensive.

We negotiate free tickets for every event that we promote, and as soon as you become a Premium Subscriber, we will pass these free tickets on to you (and only you). We promote 100's of events across the US, Canada, Europe, Asia and Latin America (so rest assured, you'll have plenty of opportunity to claim a ticket and get a positive ROI no matter where you live and work).

Here's What To Expect Once You Become A Premium Member

As soon as pay for your $20 Premium Membership, you will receive access to our Membership Platform. that contains contact information and details on Call for Papers, who and how to claim your tickets (discount codes etc) and what is included in the free corporate sponsorship packages.


Call For Papers Alerts (CFP's)
Timely alerts 'as and when' CFP's are issued (be the first to know).


Free Tickets
We negotiate free tickets for events and send them to you. 


Free Courses
We negotiate free course access and send the offer to you. 


Free Sponsorship Packages
We negotiate free sponsorship packages and send the offer to you. 

Here's A Few Words From Our Subscribers

"'s amazing how many frequent infosec speakers are unaware of your service..."

Thanks for adding Europe to my alerts list...these international speaking engagements have been significantly more successful than anticipated so I would now like to receive global alerts for all conferences. Next, is there a referral link I can send other speakers - it's amazing how many frequent infosec speakers are unaware of your service.

JOSHUA CRUMBAUGH  //  Chief Hacker & CEO at PeopleSec

"...I would like to both give a talk at this conference and sponsor it..."

I am a premium member. If the bronze sponsorship is available, I would like to both give a talk at this conference and sponsor it.

PRESIDENT  //  Penetration Tester

You'll Never Get Such Huge Value From $20 per Month

Price is what you pay. But value is what you receive. And I can guarantee you that if you wanted to curate the amount of content that we have, or pay for the tickets that we give you for free, your $20/ month is going to be one of the best investments you make in your cybersecurity career.

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