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How To Sponsor Cybersecurity Conferences

We list hundreds of Cybersecurity Conferences and have done so since 2012. A lot of our traffic comes from CXO-Level Professionals (CISO’s, CSO’s et al) but we do also get a fair amount of visits from CMO’s and other marketing executives, hence the purpose of this resource.

Is Sponsorship Worth the Cost?

Like most things in marketing….it depends!

The short answer is that, for the most part, yes, it definitely does work but you have to make sure that you sponsor the right event(s).

Are You A Marketing Professional Seeking Event Sponsorship?

We Can Help You Secure Conference Sponsorship Opportunities

If you are a marketing professional or event marketer, then you’ll likely be almost entirely driven by establishing whether or not sponsoring conferences will genuinely provide a decent ROI.

To understand whether a conference is worth sponsoring then one of the first things to do is set out the metric that you’d like to use to gauge the ROI, in other words, is it:

  • Leads;
  • Sales;
  • Demo Bookings;
  • Appointments Made?
  • – or something else…

It’s important, as a marketer, to put a number on a metric and then use that number as your goal when planning and reserving your sponsorship opportunities.

What Are The Steps In Sponsoring Cybersecurity Conferences?

Like anything in life, we should have a plan.

Here are the steps that I’d propose you take:

  1. Agree with senior management what success looks like, i.e. set a number on your goal (as defined above)
  2. Search Cybersecurity Conferences for niche and audience-specific events
  3. Contact the organizers
  4. Negotiate
  5. Get creative
  6. Publish (or attend) and measure the results

What Are The Benefits Of Sponsoring An Event?

First and foremost, brand association and affiliation are key drivers here. Typically, sponsors also get to speak at Cybersecurity Conferences which is obviously another major advantage.

How Much Does It Cost To Sponsor A Conference?

As you’d expect, this can be negotiated.

The “list price” is typically a guide and the sooner you secure sponsorship the less expensive it will be. Should the event organizers have a series of events then there’s all the more opportunity that you’ll be able to get a “better-negotiated deal”.

We can help you with your annual sponsorship planning, follow this link for more information.

Join Over 57K Cybersecurity Professionals

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