The State of AI in Cybersecurity | Interview with Jessica Gallagher

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Written by Karina Kokina

Artificial Intelligence is, without question, one of the industries of the future. We’ve been covering Cybersecurity Conferences for a long time and we’ve been adding an increasing amount of AI events to our directory.

I’m really pleased to say that I caught up with Jessica Gallagher to ask her our usual bunch of questions regarding a conference she is actively involved with and also to share with us some insights into the future for the event.

Here’s the interview:

What’s The “Best Thing” About Your Event(s)?

This FREE webinar includes 2 panels with industry leaders: one of these covers “Defense: AI for Detection and Incident Response” and the other for “Offense: Hackers’ Perspective on AI” so you can get all questions and topics covered. With a great speaker lineup and informative panel in store, this event is a can’t miss!

How Would You Like To See Your Event(s) Evolve?

We aim to provide free, quality cybersecurity content to anyway looking to learn more via our webinars. We also host one of North America’s largest AI conferences with a whole track devoted to cybersecurity!

What Do You Look For In Speakers And Their Presentations?

We seek executives and data scientists with an abundance of experience with AI in cybersecurity providing them with a unique perspective to share.

Anything Else You’d Like To Share?

This webinar is one in a series of webinar covering AI’s intersections with various industries

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