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Written by Henry Dalziel

We’ve been listing Suits and Spooks events for several years now and they’re certainly interesting and actionable events. This conference, which first started back in 2011, is noted for having excellent speakers and delivering first-class content.

The founder, Jeffrey Carr, kindly sent me a bunch of answers to my questions in which he shares the future of Suits and Spooks.

Jeffrey is a well-known cybersecurity author, researcher, entrepreneur, and consultant, with a specialization in cyber warfare. As well as organizing a bunch of online InfoSec events such as Suits and Spooks, he has also spoken at other conferences and events, for example at the Defense Intelligence Agency, U.S. Army War College, Air Force Institute of Technology, NATO’s CCDCOE Conference on Cyber Conflict, and, of course, the might DEF CON.

What’s The “Best Thing” About Your Event(s)?

Suits & Spooks is a boutique global security event that brings together people from the worlds of intelligence and special operations with technologists and representatives from critical infrastructure to discuss hard challenges and novel solutions.

How Would You Like To See Your Event(s) Evolve?

Once there is a vaccine for COVID19, I’ll evolve Suits & Spooks into a limited attendance event with safe distancing protocols and live video streaming for all of the talks for those who register for remote attendance.

What Do You Look For In Speakers And Their Presentations?

I prefer timely topics and speakers who can tell a story that will keep our attendees interested.

Anything Else You’d Like To Share?

Suits & Spooks’ next virtual event (Safe House 03) will take place at the end of September and focus on Police Reform. I’m looking for relevant speakers and sponsors.

What’s Your Prediction for 2021 In A Post-COVID-19 World? Will Virtual Events Take Over Or Will We See A Return To The “Traditional Physical Events” Format?

I’m planning a post-COVID mix of physical and virtual as described above.

In Summary

A big thanks again to Jeffrey, and yes – all Suits and Spooks events are certainly highly recommended. We wish Jeffrey and the team the best of luck in the future with their events.

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