BSides New Hampshire

 May 18th, 2019  Recommended Event

For those who don’t know, BSides was created on 2009 by Mike Dahn, Jack Daniel and Chris Nickerson. It is organized by the community for the community and is happening in over 100 locations worldwide. If you’re kind of new to the field, we recommend attending one of these events in your area because it will help you gain a lot of knowledge. Most of the BSides events are free and offer a Call for Papers.

RiskSec Conference Presented by SC Media

 May 8th, 2019  Recommended Event

SC Media organized this event for CISOs and other security experts to help in educating them on the most recent issues they are facing. Have the chance to learn new approaches to security and discover the most recent technologies.

H-ISAC Medical Device Security Workshop

 May 1st, 2019  Recommended Event

There’s not a lot of cybersecurity events that is directly related to Healthcare that’s why we included this on our list. Have the ability to prepare and respond to cyber and physical threats and vulnerabilities on your organization.

FutureCon New Jersey Cyber Security Conference

 April 17th, 2019  Recommended Event

FutureCon have organized over twenty events this year in the United States and one in Canada. Join with other like-minded professionals working within Cybersecurity and have the opportunity to learn from other C-Level Executives within the industry.

Cybersecurity Series: Hartford

 April 11th, 2019  Recommended Event

If you’re working in the insurance field, we recommend attending this event to learn on the recent developments in cyber insurance. Some of topics include the risks of global supply chains, new solutions for small and medium size businesses, NIST and other Cybersecurity Framework programs and many more.