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Written by Henry Dalziel

We’ve been listing Cybersecurity Companies for several years now, and a recent trend we’ve noticed is that we are starting to see more organizations offering Zero Trust services.

What Is Zero Trust In Tech?

Zero Trust is an IT framework that requires all users within a network to be consistently authenticated, authorized and validated. Many Cyber professionals refer to ths as access security technology or describe it as being part of their access control tools suite or trust architecture.

At a high level, Zero Trust is a way for organizations to protect their network by not trusting anyone to access their network without ongoing identification.

The rise of remote and hybrid work has exposed networks to new devices, and thus, it has accelerated demand for zero trust architectures.

Furthermore, zero trust gained increased attention when the White House announced plans to move US government operations toward zero trust architecture in early 2022.

What’s The Future of Zero Trust?

Zero Trust is part of the Remote Work Cybersecurity meta trend; and its’ original usage came as a result of threat intelligence, that was clearly demonstrating that network security was being breached all too easily.

70% of remote workers admit using a personal device to access a work-related network.

And this wave of new devices has opened new cybersecurity threats and challenges.

In fact, 74% of businesses say they have suffered cyberattacks because of the remote work shift; and this is all related to access management risk, a topoc that is very much in demand.

Which is why there is an increased demand for software and architectures that add a new layer of security to an organization’s network.

Zero Trust Companies

Three examples of cyber security companies strictly involved with Zero Trust are:

  • Yubico
  • Traced
  • Akeero

These three organizations offer cybersecurity solutions designed for WFH organizations. These zero trust companies are at the forefront of cybersecurity access management IAM.

Considerable amounts of the approach taken by Zero Trust organizations is to prevent inside network bad actors from hacking systems.

If you’re interested in an InfoSec career within network security, or within “trust security” then there’s no hotter space to be in right now. The trust model is here to stay – and we’re delighted to be able to list InfoSec companies that are associated with this technology.

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