Best AI Conferences To Attend in 2023

AI Conferences in 2023 Researchers, academics, and industry experts get together at these conferences to present their most recent findings, discuss emerging trends and methodologies, and network with their contemporaries. There is a multitude of AI conferences that take place every year all over the world, and the level of attendance at each one can … Read more

Can’t Be Contained: Top Security Takeaways from KubeCon

This post summarizes core messages from Uptycs’ presentation at KubeCon, an event for Kubernetes and cloud-native computing enthusiasts, focusing on deploying, maintaining, and scaling Kubernetes and related secure cloud technologies. Uptycs Participation at KubeCon “Can’t Be Contained: Top Security Takeaways from KubeCon” Key takeaways include: Platform Engineering: Emphasizing DevOps principles, it’s crucial for teams to … Read more

The Annual Cyber Security In Financial Services Summit 2023

Practical Strategies For Managing Emerging Global ThreatsContents1 Practical Strategies For Managing Emerging Global Threats2 Topics To Be Discussed3 Topics Include:4 Who Should Attend?5 Reasons To Attend6 Learn From Leading Voices at the Forefront of the UK’s Financial Industry Cyber Resilience7 An Overview of the Agenda Central London | Thursday, 30th November 2023 This Summit offers … Read more

How Much Are Speakers Paid (in Cybersecurity)

Speaker Fees in CybersecurityContents1 Speaker Fees in Cybersecurity2 Are There Free Cybersecurity Speaking Gigs?3 Cybersecurity Speakers Fees4 Anthony Amore5 Scott Augenbaum6 Jessica Barker7 Richard Bird8 Dr. Eric Cole9 Lars Daniel10 Jon Engstrom11 Nick Espinosa12 FC aka Freakyclown13 Carol Rollie Flynn14 Summary For over a decade, I’ve been deeply involved in the cybersecurity conference space, collaborating … Read more

Sponsoring a Conference (in the Cybersecurity Niche)

A Guide to Effective Partnership StrategiesContents1 A Guide to Effective Partnership Strategies2 Should Your Brand Sponsor Events?3 Key Takeaways (Marketing Opportunities)4 The Basics of Conference Sponsorship5 Why Sponsor a Conference6 Brand Visibility7 Lead Generation8 Community Involvement9 Choosing the Right Conference10 Industry Relevance11 Attendee Profile12 Conference Size and Location13 Level of Sponsor Opportunities14 Title Sponsorship15 Exhibitor … Read more

DEF CON Hacker Badges

DEF CON is one of the largest and most significant hacker conventions in the world – and certainly, one that you can consider as being an old-school hacker event, bringing together a wide collection of people interested in hacking, cybersecurity, and digital culture. One of the most sought-after items at this conference is the DEFCON … Read more

Hacker Boxes @ DEF CON

Hacker Boxes offers a monthly subscription box curated for hackers with an array of cool hacker gear. This concept aligns perfectly with the love for DEF CON Badges. The Hacker Boxes folks had a booth at this year’s DEF CON event – it kinda of reminds us of the gear that Hak5 continues to sell. … Read more

5 Things That Make The DEF CON Experience Special

The uniqueness of the DEF CON Conference can be attributed to a number of different things that we’ll cover in this post. The DEF CON experience is certainly unforgettable if you work in the cybersecurity industry. Here are (as yet) our Top Five reasons why you should attend the DEF CON conference and what makes … Read more

The 5 Most Controversial DEF CON Talks Of All Time

DEF CON, the (in)famous Cybersecurity Hacking Conference, is well-known for providing a wide selection of intriguing and educational seminars on various cybersecurity themes. Here are some of the most controversial DEF CON talks of all time! If you’re new to DEF CON here are some reasons why attending DEF CON is a fantastic idea, as … Read more

6 Notable DEF CON Moments

As one of the most well-known cybersecurity conventions in the world, DEF CON has hosted more than its fair share of notable moments over the course of its history. (If you’re new to DEF CON, then here are some notable moments that will set the tone of what you can expect). With over 150 talks … Read more

How To Organize A Conference? Here’s How To Get It Right!

Are you interested in learning how to organize a conference? Here are some tips and considerations to help you plan and execute a successful event! How Many Cybersecurity Events Are There Every Year?Contents1 How Many Cybersecurity Events Are There Every Year?2 How To Organize A Conference3 Purpose and Goals4 Target Audience5 Budget6 Venue and Accommodation7 … Read more

Virtual Conferences Marketing & Technology

We help Cybersecurity vendors promote their cybersecurity conferences and events so we are always interested to read about event platforms that are launched as well as any type of virtual conference technology. Here are two technologies that have interested us recently: Tame EventsContents1 Tame Events2 What Does The Future Hold For Tame Events?3 Qflow4 What … Read more

How To Plan an Event Marketing Strategy

Conference MarketingContents1 Conference Marketing2 Define The Conference Goals & Audience3 Develop Your Content & Assets4 Set Calendar & Budget5 Launch Promotion6 Track Performance7 Conclusion: Event Success We’re in the cybersecurity conferences marketing space and we work with a ton of organizers. Our information is 100% based on our experience of having worked with dozens of … Read more

Zero Trust Cybersecurity Companies

We’ve been listing Cybersecurity Companies for several years now, and a recent trend we’ve noticed is that we are starting to see more organizations offering Zero Trust services. What Is Zero Trust In Tech?Contents1 What Is Zero Trust In Tech?2 What’s The Future of Zero Trust?3 Zero Trust Companies Zero Trust is an IT framework … Read more

Types of Major Cybersecurity Threats In 2022

Although this is a list of bad actors and threats affecting us in 2022, it is very likely that this list will still be the same in several years to come. Here’s a list of our suggested bad actors in 2022 – and – links to conferences related to these niches. We’ve done this so … Read more

The Five Biggest Trends In Cybersecurity In 2022

In this post, we outline what we consider to be the four biggest cyber security trends in 2022. Cyber security is evolving rapidly and is becoming one of today’s most important technology areas in 2022. This post is a little late in the year; our one for 2021 is here. AI-powered CybersecurityContents1 AI-powered Cybersecurity2 Ransomware3 … Read more

Cyberwar In The Ukraine Conflict

At this moment, the globe is suffering in unexpected ways. The Ukrainian crisis has burst into a major confrontation, and no matter what happens next, the world will never be the same. We know people and conference organizers that live in both Ukraine and Russia and needless to say; we hope that the crisis can … Read more

Our New Approach To Conference Listings

In this post, I outline a new approach to the way we list our cybersecurity conference listings. The changes are pretty radical, but we have our reasons and logic, two areas that I am very happy to share with our community. Quick History We’ve been listing cybersecurity events and conferences since 2013. During that time … Read more

Marketing Cybersecurity In 2023

Whilst many marketing campaigns and strategies will follow the same principles, it definitely varies between industries. In the mega-2021 resource, we share our experience in marketing Cybersecurity services. Who Would Benefit From Our 2022 Cybersecurity Marketing Guide?Contents1 Who Would Benefit From Our 2022 Cybersecurity Marketing Guide?2 Imagination vs Reality3 🤔 The Perception: Finding Customers Will … Read more

Cybersecurity Employment Market

What is the future of cybersecurity?Contents1 What is the future of cybersecurity?2 Where Can I Get A List Of Cybersecurity Companies That Are Hiring?3 Are There Enough Cybersecurity Jobs Available?4 What Work Opportunities Are There For Cyber Analysts?5 What Are The Most In-Demand Cyber Security Jobs And Is It A Good Career?6 Is Being A … Read more

Cybersecurity Marketing Trends In 2021

In this post, I thought I’d highlight the current state and future predictions of cybersecurity from a marketing perspective. Here’s our 2022 Cybersecurity Trends post. The cybersecurity industry is anticipated to be valued at USD 352.25 billion by 2026, a growth of 14.5% over the next four years. A number of important and interesting developments … Read more

Is It Worth Public Speaking?

In this post I outline 17 Reasons Why We Think, Yes: Speaking at Cybersecurity Conferences is Important. Since developing communication skills is beneficial in nearly every aspect of life, public speaking is a perfect opportunity to build professional growth on several levels. If you choose to participate in debates, become a motivational speaker, or build … Read more

Our Guide To Cybersecurity Marketing Campaigns

What do we mean by a “marketing campaigns?” The answer is that a marketing campaign is an organized course of action to promote and sell a product or service. Marketing efforts use a variety of media to advertise brands, including tv, radio, digital, and internet channels. If you’re reading this then you’re most likely a … Read more

How To Choose A Cybersecurity Marketing Agency

Here are ten tips that should help you when choosing a cybersecurity digital marketing agency. There are several options to promote your cybersecurity company online, including social networking, PPC, Twitter, content, SEO, and – our favorite method – speaking at conferences. Digital marketing firms will take care of the problem for you, allowing you to concentrate … Read more

The Hybrid Conference Model

The Future For Conferences…Contents1 The Future For Conferences…2 The Conference Industry Was Struggling Before COVID3 The Best of Both Yes. And – no. Yes: because us humans are much better at socializing and networking. And no: habits have been formed now that we’ve been away from the office and the “work environment for a long … Read more

Best Ways To Market A Conference

Promoting a conference can be a challenge, but like anything else – preparation is key. In this post, I’ll outline some ways that we’ve used to help our clients market and promote their Cybersecurity Conferences. Difference Between Marketing A Virtual And A Physical ConferenceContents1 Difference Between Marketing A Virtual And A Physical Conference2 How Do … Read more

Marketing To Cybersecurity Companies

Marketing has some generalizations but it’s definitely not a profession or a skill set that can be shoehorned into every niche or vertical. In this post I’ll outline some ways that I feel being able to market Cybersecurity is different – or perhaps better said: unique – when compared to other industries. From my experience, … Read more

Unlocking The Benefits of Sponsoring a Cybersecurity Conference

We list hundreds of Cybersecurity Conferences and have done so since 2012. A lot of our traffic comes from CXO-Level Professionals (CISO’s, CSO’s et al) but we do also get a fair amount of visits from CMO’s and other marketing executives, hence the purpose of this resource. Is Sponsorship Worth the Cost?Contents1 Is Sponsorship Worth … Read more

How To Secure Earned Cybersecurity Speaking Engagements

Speaking at a conference is an extremely powerful marketing channel. Let’s be crystal clear: being a speaker is good for two major reasons: Hugely beneficial for your company And – it’s a great way to network Taking each of these in turn, let’s start by appreciating that when you speak at an event or conference, … Read more

World RPA & AI Summit | Interview with Ashley Pena

We’re big fans of all types of Cybersecurity and AI Conferences. Artificial Intelligence is an industry that will, without question, continue to With that in mind, I’m delighted to have been able to catch up with Ashley Pena. Ashley is involved with the World RPA & AI Summit; a leading AI event. Here’s the interview: … Read more

The State of AI in Cybersecurity | Interview with Jessica Gallagher

Artificial Intelligence is, without question, one of the industries of the future. We’ve been covering Cybersecurity Conferences for a long time and we’ve been adding an increasing amount of AI events to our directory. I’m really pleased to say that I caught up with Jessica Gallagher to ask her our usual bunch of questions regarding … Read more

An Introduction to Cybersecurity Call for Papers

In this post, we take a look at what is meant by “Call For Papers”, commonly abbreviated to “CFP”, how they are typically handled, and what conference organizers expect from them. The intention of this resource is to be a definitive resource for event managers, marketing communications professionals or even InfoSec speakers are able to … Read more

ISSA-LA Security Summit | Interview with Richard Greenberg

ISSA-LA’s is one of the premier sources of information security in Los Angeles. ISSA (Information Systems Security Association International) is a leading global membership body for cybersecurity professionals that is dedicated to progressing individual growth, managing technology risk, and protecting critical information and infrastructure. As a non-profit, ISSA, at its’ core provides educational forums, publications, … Read more

REVULN | Interview with Luigi Auriemma

REVULN is a group of companies founded in September 2012 and incorporated in Malta, Belize, and Hong Kong. The team also organize a bunch of fantastic Cybersecurity events and conferences in various locations. As an organization, REVULN performs security research, projects, and activities on behalf of companies, organizations, and governments. The REVULN security events are … Read more

Suits & Spooks | Interview with Jeffrey Carr

We’ve been listing Suits and Spooks events for several years now and they’re certainly interesting and actionable events. This conference, which first started back in 2011, is noted for having excellent speakers and delivering first-class content. The founder, Jeffrey Carr, kindly sent me a bunch of answers to my questions in which he shares the … Read more

InfoSec Conference Spotlight Series

“Spotlight” in a category in our directory in which we “shine a spotlight” on a security event anywhere around the world. We interview a founder or co-founder, or someone within the management team and asks them a bunch of questions. How Do We Choose What Events To Interview?Contents1 How Do We Choose What Events To … Read more

How To Convert Your Physical Conference To Online

Yes, the world has gone upside down, but that doesn’t mean that you should cancel your Cybersecurity Conference. Convert it online! There are some massive benefits to converting your event online. They are: Kudos and love for carrying on! You’ve got a captive audience (due to quarantine); You’ll also likely attract more senior delegates because … Read more

5 Tips To Help You Become A Better Public Speaker

Here Are Some Tips To Get Your To Be A Better SpeakerContents1 Here Are Some Tips To Get Your To Be A Better Speaker2 What Makes Me The Expert?3 Start With A Story!4 Practice, Practice and Practice Some More!5 Body Language6 The Spirit Of Giving7 Eat, Rest And Drink Well There are certain things you … Read more

How To Get Public Cybersecurity Speaking Engagements

Securing Speaking EngagementsContents1 Securing Speaking Engagements2 Cybersecurity Conferences and Speaking Opportunities.3 1: The Reason People Should Listen4 2: Plan Out Your Message5 3: Become A Member Of The Chamber Of Commerce6 4: Create Your Existence On The Internet7 5: Schedule A Place To Hold Your First Speaking Gig8 6: Try To Get Booked At A … Read more

How To Speak At DEF CON

Getting a speaking gig at DEF CON, or indeed any hacker conference is clearly a massive endorsement of your research within your subject matter. If you are new to learning about this legendary hacking event then here are some notable DEF CON moments that you read about. We also have a post on what makes … Read more

29 Amazing TED Cybersecurity Talks (2008 – 2022)

What’s This Post About?Contents1 What’s This Post About?2 Pro Tip!3 Your Smartphone Is A Civil Rights Issue4 The 1s and 0s Behind Cyber Warfare5 Hackers: The Internet’s Immune System6 Hire The Hackers!7 How (And Why) Russia Hacked The Us Election8 Hack A Banana, Make A Keyboard!9 Governments Don’t Understand Cyber Warfare. We Need Hackers10 Why … Read more

7 Proven Ideas for Your InfoSec Conference Delegate Acquisition Strategy

What’s This Post About?Contents1 What’s This Post About?2 In Summary3 #1 Free Gifts With Registration4 #2 Items Are Practical, But Experiences Are Unforgettable!5 #3 Sweepstakes For Big-ticket Items6 #4 Charitable Contributions7 #5 Freebies For Colleagues And Family Members8 #6 Registration Discounts9 #7 VIP Status We take a look at ways to help you get your … Read more

Getting A Conference Visa For The USA or UK

How To Get A Visa When Attending Cyber Security Conferences in the US or the UKContents1 How To Get A Visa When Attending Cyber Security Conferences in the US or the UK2 What Is This Visa Conference Resource?3 Why Travel To Attend a Conferences?4 I. Getting A Visa For A Conference In The United States … Read more

How To Be A Confident Public Speaker

Imagine Everyone NakedContents1 Imagine Everyone Naked2 Be Confident Be Honest3 Tips ‘n Tricks To Make You A Better Public Speaker4 In Summary You’ve likely heard that one before, or perhaps you’ve heard of speaking with pebbles in your mouth like Demosthenes. However, there’s more advice to give than just those old adages. Public speaking is … Read more

How To Speak At A Cybersecurity Conference

What’s This Post About?Contents1 What’s This Post About?2 Speaking At A Conference Is Awesome For Your Career3 The Benefits Of Speaking At A Conference This post will help you get speaking gigs at Cybersecurity Conferences. Update: This post used to have 3 methods on how to secure speaking gigs; it is now at 25 and … Read more

The First-Ever Hacker Cons!

What’s This Post About?Contents1 What’s This Post About?2 HoHoCon (XmasCon) Summary3 An Overview Of The Origin Of HoHoCon4 Cult Of The Dead Cow cdc5 Cult Of The Dead Cow Ninja Strike Force6 Cult Of The Dead Cow Hacktivismo7 Cult Of The Dead Cow Hacker Tools ‘Hacking Tools’8 Pumpcon Summary9 H.O.P.E. Summary10 Summercon Summary11 In Summary … Read more

The Best DEF CON Talks Of All Time!

What’s This Post All About?Contents1 What’s This Post All About?2 Quick Overview of DEF CON3 How TOR Users Got Caught  Video Missing…4 That Awesome Time I Was Sued For Two Billion Dollars5 Hack All The Things! 20 Devices in 45 minutes6 Pwned By The owner What happens When You Steal A Hacker’s Computer7 Hacking MMORPGs … Read more

We’ve Relaunched!

Wow! It’s been quite a journey. We started this Cybersecurity Conference Directory back in 2013 when the subject matter was just exploding. How Did We Get Started?Contents1 How Did We Get Started?2 Google Loved The Post3 So, What’s New?4 Enter Custom Post Types5 Why Not Get A Customized Product To List Events? In 2013 we … Read more