How To Convert Your Physical Conference To Online

Yes, the world has gone upside down, but that doesn’t mean that you should cancel your Cybersecurity Conference. Convert it online! There are some massive benefits to converting your event online. They are: Kudos and love for carrying on! You’ve got a captive audience (due to quarantine); You’ll also likely attract more senior delegates because … Read more

How Much Are Speakers Paid (in Cybersecurity)

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How To Secure Earned Cybersecurity Speaking Engagements

Speaking at a conference is an extremely powerful marketing channel. Let’s be crystal clear: being a speaker is good for two major reasons: Hugely beneficial for your company And – it’s a great way to network Taking each of these in turn, let’s start by appreciating that when you speak at an event or conference, … Read more

How To Organize A Conference? Here’s How To Get It Right!

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Sponsoring a Conference (in the Cybersecurity Niche)

A Guide to Effective Partnership Strategies We’re the largest Cybersecurity Conference directory. Through our platform, we’ve gotten to know dozens of conference organizers that offer a range of sponsorship opportunities.  As a result of our experience in the industry, we’ve created this resource to help you negotiate the sponsorship and understand whether seeking a sponsorship … Read more

5 Things That Make The DEF CON Experience Special

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Best AI Conferences To Attend in 2024

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Suits & Spooks | Interview with Jeffrey Carr

We’ve been listing Suits and Spooks events for several years now and they’re certainly interesting and actionable events. This conference, which first started back in 2011, is noted for having excellent speakers and delivering first-class content. The founder, Jeffrey Carr, kindly sent me a bunch of answers to my questions in which he shares the … Read more

How To Choose A Cybersecurity Marketing Agency

Here are ten tips that should help you when choosing a cybersecurity digital marketing agency. There are several options to promote your cybersecurity company online, including social networking, PPC, Twitter, content, SEO, and – our favorite method – speaking at conferences. Digital marketing firms will take care of the problem for you, allowing you to concentrate … Read more