Our Guide To Cybersecurity Marketing Campaigns

What do we mean by a “marketing campaigns?” The answer is that a marketing campaign is an organized course of action to promote and sell a product or service. Marketing efforts use a variety of media to advertise brands, including tv, radio, digital, and internet channels. If you’re reading this then you’re most likely a … Read more

How To Choose A Cybersecurity Marketing Agency

Here are ten tips that should help you when choosing a cybersecurity digital marketing agency. There are several options to promote your cybersecurity company online, including social networking, PPC, Twitter, content, SEO, and – our favorite method – speaking at conferences. Digital marketing firms will take care of the problem for you, allowing you to concentrate … Read more

The Hybrid Conference Model

The Future For Conferences… Yes. And – no. Yes: because us humans are much better at socializing and networking. And no: habits have been formed now that we’ve been away from the office and the “work environment for a long time now. There’s no doubt that everyone has had a difficult last couple of years … Read more

Best Ways To Market A Conference

Promoting a conference can be a challenge, but like anything else – preparation is key. In this post, I’ll outline some ways that we’ve used to help our clients market and promote their Cybersecurity Conferences. Difference Between Marketing A Virtual And A Physical Conference There’s a difference in the marketing approach between these two conference … Read more

Marketing To Cybersecurity Companies

Marketing has some generalizations but it’s definitely not a profession or a skill set that can be shoehorned into every niche or vertical. In this post I’ll outline some ways that I feel being able to market Cybersecurity is different – or perhaps better said: unique – when compared to other industries. From my experience, … Read more

How To Sponsor Cybersecurity Conferences

We list hundreds of Cybersecurity Conferences and have done so since 2012. A lot of our traffic comes from CXO-Level Professionals (CISO’s, CSO’s et al) but we do also get a fair amount of visits from CMO’s and other marketing executives, hence the purpose of this resource. Is Sponsorship Worth the Cost? Like most things … Read more

How To Secure Earned Cybersecurity Speaking Engagements

Speaking at a conference is an extremely powerful marketing channel. Let’s be crystal clear: being a speaker is good for two major reasons: Hugely beneficial for your company And – it’s a great way to network Taking each of these in turn, let’s start by appreciating that when you speak at an event or conference, … Read more

World RPA & AI Summit | Interview with Ashley Pena

We’re big fans of all types of Cybersecurity and AI Conferences. Artificial Intelligence is an industry that will, without question, continue to With that in mind, I’m delighted to have been able to catch up with Ashley Pena. Ashley is involved with the World RPA & AI Summit; a leading AI event. Here’s the interview: … Read more

The State of AI in Cybersecurity | Interview with Jessica Gallagher

Artificial Intelligence is, without question, one of the industries of the future. We’ve been covering Cybersecurity Conferences for a long time and we’ve been adding an increasing amount of AI events to our directory. I’m really pleased to say that I caught up with Jessica Gallagher to ask her our usual bunch of questions regarding … Read more

An Introduction to Cybersecurity Call for Papers

In this post, we take a look at what is meant by “Call For Papers”, commonly abbreviated to “CFP”, how they are typically handled, and what conference organizers expect from them. The intention of this resource is to be a definitive resource for event managers, marketing communications professionals or even InfoSec speakers are able to … Read more