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The Cyber Security Summit USA (CSS USA) is a leading organization that brings together cybersecurity executives and cross-disciplinary practitioners from various industries. CSS USA develops unique and collaborative knowledge-sharing platforms to bring together cybersecurity and technology executives to broaden expertise and build critical connections.

CSS USA has been the go-to group for thought leadership and knowledge-sharing on major security topics since its foundation in 2016. Its main event brings together cybersecurity executives, stakeholders, and influencers from a variety of businesses to discuss the latest advances in the industry.

The organization’s primary event is the annual Cyber Security Summit USA, which is held in Philadelphia, PA. At the event, cybersecurity practitioners and experts will have the opportunity to network and share expertise. Attendees receive cutting-edge training on the most recent trends, as well as hands-on defensive and offensive strategies for protecting their networks. The event, spearheaded by a board of experienced advisors, is the only forum of its kind that brings together all facets of cybersecurity under one roof.

The 2021 Cyber Security Summit USA will be held on July 12-14, 2021, and will cover topics such as human risk factors in the world of cyber threats, the convergence of AI and cybersecurity, real-world cyber exercises, improving cyber resilience, and developing education and training programs for security executives. In addition, the conference will include executive presentations from skilled practitioners, motivational keynotes from recognized security experts, and panel discussions with industry leaders about the current state of cybersecurity. Keynote speakers include Brennen Byrne (Founder & CEO, Clef), Brian Honan (Cybersecurity Strategist, BH Consulting), and Chelsea Blankenship (Global Security Strategist, Dropbox). Attendees will also be able to interact with industry professionals through problem-solving roundtables and a dedicated networking lounge.

Attendees can receive access to cutting-edge technologies, form valuable collaborations, engage with cybersecurity thought leaders, and learn advanced ways for securing their networks in a safe and secure environment by attending the Cyber Security Summit USA. With such a diverse group of attendees, there are several possibilities to learn, network, and strengthen cybersecurity techniques.