DevOpsDays Security Conference

Our Resource Dedicated To DevOpsDays

DevOpsDays is a non-profit organization that has been essential in the advancement and spread of the DevOps movement. The organization has been able to offer the latest DevOps technology and debates to new and established DevOps practitioners across the industry by producing conferences, events, and seminars all over the world.

The yearly DevOpsDays conventions are the most well-known DevOpsDays events. Hands-on seminars, open-space conversations, and keynote talks from industry leaders in DevOps are all part of these multi-day events. Since 2013, the organization has held conventions in cities ranging from Austin, Texas to Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Previous conferences have had titles such as “DevOpsDays Austin 2020 – Working Better Together | Playing Smarter Together” and “DevOpsDays San Francisco 2019 – Building The Future Together.” Attendees at these conferences learn about the newest DevOps developments, network with peers in the field, and are inspired by some of the industry’s biggest personalities.

Dr. Nicole Forsgren, Field CTO of Puppet, Kira Newman, Strategic Content Manager of CircleCI, and Eric Schabell, Senior Director of OpenSource Technology have all delivered keynotes at DevOpsDays. These DevOps luminaries provide vital insight and education about the topic of DevOps, and convention attendees leave with a better grasp of DevOps and a network of colleagues in the space.

DevOpsDay, in addition to its annual conventions, hosts smaller meetings such as DevOpsDays New York and “Lightning Talks” that delve into more specialized parts of the DevOps world. DevOpsDays New York is a 24-hour virtual event that has previously conducted annually in the city since 2015 but was canceled because of the global pandemic. The event focuses on DevOps culture and best practices, with guests able to participate in speeches and workshops.

Lightning speeches at DevOpsDays are two-hour-long events that offer targeted speeches from speakers. These speeches are typically focused on specific DevOps themes, and the focus varies from event to event.

DevOpsDays produces material in the form of films and podcasts in addition to their events and conferences. The DevOpsDays podcast “The ChangeLog” features discussions between practitioners and specialists about DevOps subjects. Their conference videos are also available to stream/view online.

DevOpsDays is a non-profit organization that has played an important role in the progress of DevOps. They have been able to provide vital insight and education to DevOps practitioners all across the world through their conventions, smaller events, and material. Countless professionals have been inspired by the organization to join forces and advance the developing globe.