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Devopsdays is a global series of technical conferences that address software development, IT infrastructure operations, and the convergence of the two. Each event is organized by volunteers from the local community.

The majority of devopsdays events combine curated speeches with self-organized open space material. Automation, testing, security, and company culture are frequently discussed; so if that’s your area of cyber (tech) expertise – get yourself involved! In 2009, the first devopsdays took place in Ghent, Belgium.

Devopsdays events have grown in popularity since then. The global core team of devopsdays assists local organizers in staging their own devopsdays events across the world. Onboard and lead events, answer queries and manage the website with the help of active core organizers. Advisory core organizers are less active in the day-to-day operations, but they do weigh in on key issues and provide assistance as required.

Charity DevOpsDays Ukraine #StandWithUkraine

The organizers will discuss DevOps in the context of crisis, incident, and business continuity management with their friends – Patrick Debois, Kris Nova, Kelsey Hightower, Lena Hall, Andrew Clay Shafer, and others – at the conference.

There will be 18 speeches from members of the global DevOps community on the agenda, and you are encouraged to participate in Open Space Discussions to share your experiences on tough issues with your colleagues.

DevOpsDays Events in 2022 - 2023

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DevOpsDays Aarhus 2022
Denmark | Aarhus
January 25, 2022

DevOpsDays Atlanta 2022
United States | Georgia, Atlanta
January 26, 2022

DevOpsDays Austin 2022
United States | Texas, Austin
May 4, 2022

DevOpsDays Birmingham, AL 2022
United States | Alabama, Birmingham
April 18, 2022

DevOpsDays Birmingham, UK 2022
United Kingdom | Birmingham
May 5, 2022

DevOpsDays Boise 2022
United States | Idaho, Boise
May 3, 2022

DevOpsDays Chicago 2022
United States | Illinois, Chicago
May 10, 2022

DevOpsDays Denver 2022
United States | Colorado, Denver
April 25, 2022

DevOpsDays Eindhoven 2022
Netherlands | Eindhoven
October 19, 2022

DevOpsDays Geneva 2022
Switzerland | Geneva
February 7, 2022

DevOpsDays Kyiv 2022
Ukraine | Kyiv
April 15, 2022

DevOpsDays Los Angeles 2022
United States | California, Los Angeles
March 5, 2022

DevOpsDays Melbourne 2022
Australia | Melbourne
March 17, 2022

DevOpsDays Nashville 2022
United States | Tennessee, Nashville
May 5, 2022

DevOpsDays Prague 2022
Czechia | Prague
May 24, 2022

DevOpsDays Vitoria 2022
Spain | Vitoria
February 11, 2022

DevOpsDays Zurich 2022
Switzerland | Zurich
May 31, 2022

Charity DevOpsDays Ukraine #StandWithUkraine
Ukraine | Kyiv
May 17, 2022
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