IANS Research Security Conference

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Ians Research is a non-profit organization that seeks to promote research into how the web is impacting the way we live our lives. It has offices in the US, the UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. The organization’s research focuses on how the web is being leveraged to create value for individuals, organizations, and communities.

Since its founding, Ians Research has been hosting conferences, seminars, and events to further its research agenda. For example, at its 2016 end-of-year summit, the organization held a two-day event that explored the impact of the digital era on business, education, and leisure. Attendees were able to learn from keynote speakers from NASA, Google, Microsoft, and Vine, as well as workshops led by experienced researchers in the fields of digital culture and web-based technologies. The event also featured panel discussions on the web’s influence on politics, media, and culture.

The 2017 Ians Research Annual Conference focused on the “Power of the Web” and included keynote presentations from the likes of Google’s Eric Schmidt, PayPal’s Max Levchin, and Twitter’s Jack Dorsey. This conference, held in New York City, provided attendees with the opportunity to engage with top minds in the web industry, as well as receive informational talks from distinguished researchers. Attendees were treated to a variety of panel sessions, workshops, and lectures focused on the growing power of the web.

The 2018 Ians Research Conference shifted its focus to “The Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Our Lives” and was held in Toronto, Canada. This transformative event featured keynote presentations from industry leaders such as Amazon’s Jeff Bezos and Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg. Attendees attended panels and lectures on the various ethical implications of artificial intelligence, as well as hands-on workshops that covered the latest advances in this cutting-edge field.

Over the years, Ians Research has held a range of events and seminars, covering topics such as virtual reality, digital anthropology, computational musicology, and robotics. The organization has also hosted several awards ceremonies, recognizing innovative research projects, such as promoting LGBT rights and exploring the meaning of online communities.

Overall, Ians Research is committed to supporting and promoting innovative research into the ever-changing nature of the web. Through its conferences, events, and awards, it is helping professionals stay ahead of the technology curve and enhancing our virtual lives.