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Karina Kokina

IANS Research

The whole focus of IANS REsearch has been information security since the beginning.

They are assisting CISOs and their teams in making better security choices.

They claim that high-level advice is helpful, but deep domain knowledge is priceless. As a result, they’ve structured their company on a Faculty that can provide cyber professionals with hands-on security knowledge.

They understood that CISOs desire to exchange insights, cooperate, and compare notes with a community of like-minded individuals at their inaugural event in Dedham, Massachusetts – especially by adapting the Harvard Business School model of collective learning to match the demands of the information security community as a whole as a result of these collaborative conversations.

They provide CISOs and their teams with what they need most: unbiased, practical counsel; the chance to communicate with people who understand their problems; and peer engagement to keep their knowledge and skills current.

IANS Research Events in 2022 - 2023

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The Next Wave of Ransomware: Are You Ready?
United States | Massachusetts, Boston
January 12, 2022