NCSI Security Conference

Our Resource Dedicated To NCSI

The National Cyber Security Institute (NCSI) is a non-profit dedicated to increasing cybersecurity awareness, research, and teaching. The organization, based in the Washington, D.C., area, holds various events throughout the year to promote its aim of making cybersecurity a priority in the public and commercial sectors.

The NCSI’s main event is the Cyber Security Summit, which is held in September or October each year. This two-day conference provides attendees with knowledge on the latest security best practices and threats from recognized cybersecurity experts and professionals, as well as the opportunity to network with like-minded peers. Alan Paller (Director of Research at the SANS Institute), Chris Painter (former US Cyber Diplomacy Coordinator), and Roberta Stempfley (former Deputy Undersecretary of the National Protection and Programs Directorate at the US Department of Homeland Security) are previous keynote speakers for the Cyber Security Summit.

The NCSI also hosts the Cyber Security Symposium in February or March, in addition to the Cyber Security Summit. This conference brings together representatives from government, academia, and industry to explore new cybersecurity concerns and solutions. The Symposium typically features keynote addresses from industry executives as well as technical workshops on a variety of cybersecurity topics.

The NCSI also supports several regional events across the country, including the Black Hat Conference in Las Vegas. The Black Hat Conference is committed to bringing you the most recent cybersecurity news, data, and industry trends. Attendees will hear from prominent industry experts, evaluate interesting new research projects, and network with other professionals.

Throughout the year, the NCSI also hosts a series of training sessions and seminars to educate users on the principles of cyber security. The classes cover a wide range of topics, from fundamental security principles to the most recent emergent dangers. Furthermore, the NCSI provides professional certificates to assist users in mastering the most modern cybersecurity principles and preparing for industry certification exams.

The NCSI is dedicated to providing continual education and information to anyone interested in cybersecurity. Their extensive calendar of events, conferences, seminars, and training programs makes them a great resource for individuals seeking to stay up to date on the latest cybersecurity news and best practices.