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OWASP Events in 2022 - 2023

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OWASP AppSec New Zealand 2022
New Zealand | Auckland
July 5, 2022

OWASP 2022 Global AppSec European (Virtual)
United States | California, Bel Air
June 6, 2022

OWASP 2022 Global AppSec San Francisco
United States | California, San Francisco
November 14, 2022

OWASP Career Fair
United States | California, Bel Air
February 22, 2022

OWASP October Webinar Training (Virtual)
Australia | Sydney
October 11, 2022

OWASP March Webinar Trainings (Virtual)
United States | California, Los Angeles
March 7, 2022

OWASP April Webinar Training (Virtual)
Russia | Moscow
April 13, 2022

OWASP July Webinar Training (Virtual)
United States | California, San Francisco
July 12, 2022

OWASP 2022 Global AppSec Europe Event (Virtual)
Ireland | Dublin
June 6, 2022

Lonestar Application Security Conference (LASCON) 2022
United States | Texas, Austin
October 27, 2022

OWASP London Chapter September Meetup
United Kingdom | London
September 8, 2022

OWASP Italy and ISACA Venice
Italy | Mestre
October 7, 2022

SnowFROC 2023
United States | Colorado, Denver
March 2, 2023

OWASP London Chapter Meetup
United Kingdom | London
December 15, 2022

OWASP Global AppSec Conference Dublin 2023
Ireland | Dublin
February 15, 2023

OWASP AppSec Israel 2023
Israel | Tel Aviv
May 16, 2023

OWASP 2023 Global AppSec DC
United States | Washington, Seattle
October 30, 2023
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OWASP AppSec Days Pacific Northwest Conference 2023
United States | California, San Diego
June 10, 2023

OWASP 2023 Germany Day (GOD)
Germany | Frankfurt
May 30, 2023

United States | Vermont, Burlington
April 1, 2023

OWASP New Zealand Day
New Zealand | Auckland
July 6, 2023
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OWASP Italy day 2023
Italy | Milano
September 11, 2023
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OWASP Career Fair: October 2023
United States | Massachusetts, Wakefield
October 11, 2023

United States | Texas, Austin
October 26, 2023
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OWASP 2024 Global AppSec San Francisco
United States | California, San Francisco
September 23, 2024

2024 OWASP Global AppSec Lisbon
Portugal | Lisbon
June 24, 2024

More Information On Their Events

Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) is a leading Web Application Security organization.

In this resource, we will stream in all submitted events that we find that are associated with OWASP.

For those that are not sure: web application security encompasses a wide range of procedures, technologies, and approaches for defending web servers, online applications, and web services such as APIs from Internet-based threats. The use of open source components has become an essential feature of software development – which is what OWASP pioneers.

OWASP is an online community that creates freely available web application security papers, approaches, documentation, tools, and technologies.

The Accessible Web Application Security Project (one of their key projects) delivers materials that are free and open to the public. The Accessible Web Application Security Project provides materials that are free and open to the public. It is led by The OWASP Foundation, a non-profit organization. You might hear about the “OWASP Top 10”, which is the published outcome of the current study based on extensive data gathered from more than 40 partner organizations.

The organization is an online community that creates free, publicly available web application security papers, approaches, documentation, tools, and technologies and organizes DevOps security events.

The OWASP Cheat Sheet Series was developed to give a succinct compilation of high-value information on various application security problems. These cheat sheets were developed by a variety of application security pros that specialize in distinct themes.

If you are a cybersecurity professional then we’d highly encourage you to learn more about this organization.

Lonestar Application Security Conference (LASCON) 2022

Texas’s Lonestar Application Security Conference (LASCON) is an OWASP-affiliated conference that takes place every year in Austin, Texas.

A total of 400+ online application developers, security engineers, mobile developers, and information security specialists will be present at the event. LASCON is hosted in Texas, which is home to more Fortune 500 firms, many of which are cybersecurity companies, than any other state, and it is held in Austin, which is a startup hotspot in the state of Texas, according to the organization. This conference brings together the CEOs and CIOs of these firms, as well as security architects and developers, to exchange cutting-edge ideas, projects, and technological developments.

AppSec New Zealand

A two-day conference on online and application security, OWASP New Zealand Day focuses on safe architecture and development methodologies to aid Kiwi developers in creating more secure apps. The AppSec New Zealand Incorporated-organized conference is sponsored by the OWASP New Zealand Chapter.

The conference will have two presentation streams. Introduction sessions on application and information security, as well as on policy, compliance, and risk management, will be part of the first stream. The second stream will mostly cover more advanced technical subjects. Lectures from representatives of under-represented populations are also appreciated, as are talks that highlight OWASP initiatives and tools.

There will be three main “streams” in addition to a third, smaller “stream” that will support sponsor presentations, OWASP tool demonstrations, and interest/user group meetings. Time slots in this “stream” will be prioritized for Diamond, Platinum, and Gold Sponsors. Regarding chances for additional organizations to present, more information will be made public closer to the event.

OWASP 2022 Global AppSec San Francisco

The next round of Global AppSec San Francisco will take place from November 14-18. The objective of the OWASP conferences, which are held over the course of two days, is to provide web developers, defenders, and advocates with the tools necessary to create a more secure online environment. On November 14-16, we will be hosting educational training sessions lasting one day, two days, and three days respectively. Join us for a one-of-a-kind event that will expand on what you already know to anticipate from an OWASP Global Conference and experience some of the premier application security technologies, presenters, prospects, and community members.

SnowFROC 2023

SnowFROC (Front Range OWASP Conference) is the premier application security conference in Denver, Colorado. It is an annual one-day conference attended by approximately 400 people. SnowFROC 2023 will take place on Thursday, March 2nd. While billed as “Denver’s premier application security conference,” SnowFROC’s presentations and workshops cover a wide range of cybersecurity topics, and the conference has become known for its exceptional value: hands-on training, excellent food, spectacular networking, great location/venue, and professional orchestration. Tickets range in price from $75 to $105 per person.

Breakfast, lunch, presentations, vendor giveaways, a panel discussion, and optional hands-on training and workshops are all part of SnowFROC.

OWASP London Chapter Meetup

The next OWASP London Chapter in-person and hybrid meetup will be held at the Thought Machine HQ offices on Thursday, December 15th, 2022 (doors open at 6:00 p.m., and talks begin at 6:30 p.m.). The nearest tube station is Russell Square, which is on the Piccadilly line. Live coverage of this event will also be available on the OWASP London channel on YouTube.

  • “The Security Tools Crash and the Next Generation of Cloud Native Platform” – Mark Curphey (OWASP Founder)
  • Preventing Subdomain Takeover with OWASP Domain Protect” – Paul Schwarzenberger

OWASP Global AppSec Conference Dublin 2023

The Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) conference is held over the course of two days and is intended to provide web developers, defenders, and advocates with the resources necessary to create a web that is safer.

On February 13 and 14, we will be hosting informative training courses for two days, and then on February 15 and 16, we will be holding the conference and exhibition days. Join OWASP for a one-of-a-kind event that will build on everything you already know to anticipate from an OWASP Global Conference. This event will feature leading application security technologies, speakers, prospects, and the OWASP community.

This would be one of the better Cybersecurity Conferences in Ireland.

OWASP AppSec Israel 2023

Definitely one of the best cybersecurity events in Israel this year.

The OWASP AppSec Israel Conference is held once a year and is consistently attended by hundreds of people, making it the largest application security conference held in Israel.

Almost a thousand people, including security professionals, developers, managers, and a variety of others, are expected to attend this year’s event. If you are looking for the perfect exposure for your business, sponsoring the OWASP AppSec Israel event is the way to go. This is true whether you are looking to exhibit a product, offer a service, or attract new employees.

In addition, shortly before the main Conference, they will be holding a free Developers’ Training Day. Developers will receive the fundamental skills from this that are necessary for the construction of secure systems.

OWASP 2023 Germany Day (GOD)

The Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) German Branch hosts its annual national OWASP conference. We are excited to inform you that the German OWASP Day 2023 will be held again after a several-year hiatus!

This will take place at the Frankfurt School of Finance and Management in Frankfurt am Main, Germany, on May 30th and 31st, 2023.

On the event’s main day (31.05), there will be a number of intriguing technical and non-technical presentations on application security. Several seminars and an evening event will be held the day prior (May 30th) to share experiences.

The German OWASP Day is Germany’s leading independent and non-commercial application security conference. Security specialists, developers, IT security managers, and other IT professionals involved in application security must attend.

OWASP Italy Day 2023

We are thrilled to announce that the OWASP Italy Day 2023 will take place on September 11th and that it will be held in conjunction with the Politecnico di Milano (Polimi) University. Application security, also known as AppSec, will be the focus of this conference for the entire day.

On September 11th, 2023, OWASP Italy Day 2023 will take place at the Politecnico of Milan, also known as Polimi, in Italy. The purpose of this will be to raise awareness and knowledge about web application security, and it will be a free, one-day event that will be informal.

The event is primarily geared toward computer security experts, software developers, software quality engineers, and students majoring in computer science who have a keen interest in the field.

The purpose of the event is to develop new initiatives within enterprises and to generate interest in secure software engineering methods and web application security.

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