Rubrik Security Conference

Our Resource Dedicated To Rubrik

Rubrik is a data management-focused software business. It was established in 2014 and is based in Palo Alto, California. The company offers Rubrik Cloud Data Management, a cloud data management solution used by major enterprises to simplify and secure their data.

Rubrik has earned a solid reputation in the data management industry. The company arranges industry-leading events and conferences across the world to increase its market visibility and share new features and improvements of its technology with consumers.

Rubrik Forward, the company’s annual user conference, is one of its most popular events. IT professionals discover best practices and receive a thorough understanding of how to turn your traditional data center operations into a contemporary, cloud-enabled infrastructure at Rubrik Forward. The event was hosted virtually in 2021, with speakers from Rubrik, Google, Uber, and Accenture.

Rubrik Roadshow, the company’s first European event, was hosted in London in 2019. This event was designed to assist customers in understanding the power of cloud data management and how Rubrik’s technology can help them safeguard and restore their data more effectively. The event was co-organized by Google Cloud Platform and featured several high-profile keynote speakers from Vodafone, Dropbox, and Deloitte.

Rubrik LIVE, a new virtual event series, debuted in 2020. This series, which featured presenters from Microsoft, Oracle, and VMware, was meant to assist customers in managing their data in the world of hybrid cloud.

Rubrik has also staged smaller events in the United States, Europe, and Asia Pacific. The majority of these events have been on assisting customers in better understanding Rubrik’s technology, how it can assist them, and how to construct a successful data management and governance plan.

Rubrik also attends industry events and tradeshows throughout the world in addition to events and conferences. Rubrik will sponsor events such as the NAB Show, AWS re:invent, and Microsoft Ignite in 2020. They demonstrate their latest advancements in data management at these events and collaborate with some of the industry’s greatest brands.

Rubrik has earned a reputation as a dependable partner in data governance and management through its events. The firm’s events have helped to expand its visibility in the industry, and customer feedback from both events and conferences has inspired the company to keep innovating and inventing new solutions to better safeguard and manage data.