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Over the last two decades, SecureWorld has established itself as one of North America’s most important cybersecurity conference series, delivering internationally relevant education and networking opportunities for information security professionals. Their cybersecurity conferences are held in 17 different cities around the United States and Canada, and they follow a regional format that is designed to keep up with quickly emerging security threats.

SecureWorld tailors the content of its cybersecurity conferences to the particular security needs of each location by engaging with local security professionals. The cybersecurity conferences bring together the greatest thought leaders and solution providers in the industry for high-quality, low-cost education, collaboration, and networking. Attendees leave SecureWorld with the knowledge and tools needed to safeguard the digital-age company.

SecureWorld Events in 2022 - 2023

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SecureWorld Boston, Massachusetts
United States | Massachusetts, Boston
March 9, 2022

SecureWorld Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
United States | Pennsylvania, Philadelphia
March 23, 2022

SecureWorld Northeast
United States | New York, New York
March 30, 2022

SecureWorld Kansas City, Kansas
United States | Kansas, Kansas City
April 6, 2022

SecureWorld Charlotte, North Carolina
United States | North Carolina, Charlotte
April 20, 2022

SecureWorld Atlanta, Georgia
United States | Georgia, Atlanta
May 25, 2022

SecureWorld Government
United States | Maryland, Washington DC
June 9, 2022

SecureWorld Chicago, Illinois
United States | Michigan, Chicago
June 15, 2022

SecureWorld Southeast
United States | Georgia, Atlanta
August 3, 2022

SecureWorld St. Louis, Missouri
United States | Missouri, St. Louis
September 15, 2022

SecureWorld Detroit, Michigan
United States | Michigan, Detriot
September 28, 2022

SecureWorld Denver, Colorado
United States | Colorado, Denver
October 6, 2022

SecureWorld Dallas, Texas
United States | Texas, Dallas
October 20, 2022

SecureWorld Midwest
United States | Michigan, Detriot
November 3, 2022

SecureWorld Seattle, Washington
United States | Washington, Seattle
November 9, 2022

SecureWorld Texas
United States | Texas, Dallas
November 17, 2022

SecureWorld West Coast
United States | California, San Diego
December 8, 2022

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