SecureWorld Security Conference

Our Resource Dedicated To SecureWorld

SecureWorld is an international network and virtual platform that provides professional IT and cybersecurity education and events. SecureWorld is an excellent resource for security experts, based on the notion that pooled knowledge is the strongest defense against cyber threats.

SecureWorld organizes a variety of activities and services, including 13 conferences in various US cities. In addition to conferences, they host a range of virtual events such as webcasts, e-learning courses, and peer-to-peer networking events regularly. The objective of SecureWorld is to make accurate and effective cybersecurity training, information, and resources available to everyone.

The SecureWorld Expo, which has been held for over 25 years, is SecureWorld’s flagship conference. The event is usually held twice a year, in the spring and fall, in cities like Atlanta, Dallas, Boston, Denver, San Francisco, Seattle, and Minneapolis. Hundreds of top IT security professionals and vendors gather for the Expo to deliver 50+ instructional programs on 20+ IT and cyber security issues, making it the year’s greatest IT security event. Keynote speakers at previous SecureWorld Expos have included Maciej Cegowski, Troy Hunt, Dave Kennedy, and Gen. Keith Alexander.

SecureWorld, in addition to the Expo, hosts regional events throughout the year, such as SecureWorld Seattle in December 2020. This regional event focused on the landscape of new dangers, with a specific emphasis on the Pacific Northwest. There were over 30 speakers and panelists at SecureWorld Seattle, including keynote speakers Marcus J. Ranum, Craig Williams, and Robert McArdle.

SecureWorld also hosts the SecureWorld CyberSecurity Leadership Summit, which annually brings together more than 20 C-suite executives in the cybersecurity field. The Summit provides a unique chance for peers to network and discuss the most important cybersecurity concerns. Previous speakers have included representatives from Facebook, Microsoft, Symantec, and McAfee.

Finally, SecureWorld has lately begun hosting virtual events such as the Virtual Cybersecurity Forum (V-CSF). This series allows you to interact with leading thought leaders, suppliers, and panelists to address cybersecurity concerns in industries like healthcare, financial services, and consumer products. The Virtual Cybersecurity Forum features keynote speakers from TechWomen, Boolean Girl, and ICIT, and previous subjects have included cloud security, workforce security, and IoT security.

In summary, SecureWorld provides security professionals with a choice of professional IT and cybersecurity education and events. Their conferences and virtual events give a plethora of information and tools, as well as a forum for networking with other cybersecurity professionals. SecureWorld is an excellent resource for anyone who wants to stay ahead of growing cyber risks.