ThotCon Security Conference

Our Resource Dedicated To ThotCon

Thotcon is a non-profit organization that was created in 2010 to provide a venue for white-hat hackers, cybersecurity researchers, and security enthusiasts to meet, exchange ideas, and work on various projects. The group is most known for its bi-annual conferences, Thotcon 0x0 and 0x7, which are hosted in Chicago, Illinois.

Thotcon 0x0 and 0x7 are two of the most popular Thotcon events. The first is a two-day conference held in late April, typically on Thursdays and Fridays. The second is a four-day conference that takes place in late October, usually on Tuesdays through Fridays. Both conferences are jam-packed with hands-on sessions and workshops on a wide range of information security issues, from cryptography basics to industrial control system security to threat intelligence.

In addition to the traditional speeches and workshops, Thotcon sponsors a CTF contest for each of the two events. This is a Capture-the-Flag (CTF) sport in which participants are entrusted with finding digital clues in various computer systems. Those who can answer several questions and capture all flags are awarded Thotcon-signed certificates.

In addition to its two main conferences, Thotcon hosts meetups across the country where cyber security enthusiasts can share their knowledge and talents with the local community. These discussions are usually about security topics like offensive security or digital forensics, but they can also be just for fun. These get-togethers are frequently done over dinner or drinks or in a professional context. In the past, some of the most popular meetups were in Washington, DC, San Francisco, and Chicago.

Thotcon offers seminars and webinars in addition to conferences and meetups. These courses, led by industry veterans, seek to provide an awareness of the principles of security. Typical seminar themes include network security, application security, and identity management. Furthermore, the organization offers webinars featuring keynote speakers from the cybersecurity industry to discuss cybersecurity trends and new technologies.

Overall, Thotcon is a wonderful platform for cybersecurity enthusiasts. Its conferences are jam-packed with expert speakers and interactive workshops, webinars on current cyber security developments, and city-specific meetups. The group allows members to network with their colleagues and learn from industry specialists, making it a crucial forum for anyone looking to stay ahead of the curve in the realm of information security.