IDC is a global provider of market analysis, advisory services, and events for the information technology, telecommunications, and consumer technology markets. IDC analyzes and characterizes the market for consumer, vendor, networking, and application goods and services.

IDC offers a wide range of events, both in person and online, to assist consumers to develop knowledge and remain up to date on the latest industry trends. IDC events provide customers with real knowledge and insight to help them match their plans, goals, and objectives with global business leaders.

The Global IT Forum (GITF) is one of IDC’s biggest events. The GITF is intended to provide IT leaders, executives, and analysts with the finest knowledge and ability to capitalize on today’s evolving technologies. The program, themed “Leading Transformation & Innovation for the Future,” focuses on cutting-edge technology and how to incorporate it into daily tactics. GITF features keynotes from industry luminaries, deep dives on new technologies, client stories, and panel discussions with industry professionals on a variety of topics. The tournament is normally held twice a year, in the spring and fall.

The IDC European Insights event focuses on the trends, technologies, and opportunities impacting the region. The event includes deep-dive presentations from industry experts, customer examples, and keynotes from industry leaders. The European Insights Executive Summit & Awards is a specific event that takes place as part of this event. It brings together over 200 senior executives from throughout the region and provides an opportunity for customers to network, discuss ideas, and create relationships.

The IDC Directions event series allows users to directly engage with technology vendors, obtain talking points and guidance from industry experts, compare industry solutions, and discuss strategies and best practices for business transformation. The series is made up of several smaller events that are tailored to their customers’ individual geographical and technological requirements. The IDC Directions conference is held four times a year and includes keynote speakers, interactive demos, and breakout sessions.

Throughout the year, IDC also hosts several online events. These events often target consumers in their specific region and provide clients with valuable insights from industry experts as well as the opportunity to discuss crucial topics such as digital transformation or product launches.

IDC recognizes the importance of staying current on the newest technological developments and provides clients with the opportunity to participate in events that provide expertise, think tanks, and networking tactics to assist customers in reaching their goals and aligning with industry changes.

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