SANS Institute

SANS Institute is the world’s leading provider of cyber security training and certification. The company specializes in providing security professionals with the skills and expertise they need to protect their networks, systems, and data. SANS Institute has more than 30 years of expertise and has become a trusted source for security professionals, organizations, and academic institutions all around the world.

SANS Institute sponsors several events, conferences, and seminars each year to bring together top security professionals to share the most recent cybersecurity technologies, best practices, and tactics. These events provide an opportunity for security professionals to learn, network, and discuss the most pressing cybersecurity issues.

The annual SANS Network Security Conference, held in September in Las Vegas, is the most important event for the SANS Institute. This conference covers all aspects of cyber security, from fundamental concepts to cutting-edge approaches. It includes keynote talks, breakout sessions, workshops, and other educational and enlightening activities. Dr. Uma Vishnani delivered the keynote talk at the 2019 event, and there were over 20 technical track seminars and hands-on training sessions available.

In addition, the group hosts frequent webcasts and webinars for security experts. These include thought-provoking courses delivered by subject matter experts who provide insight and knowledge on cutting-edge cybersecurity challenges. SANS Institute also hosts several other conferences, such as the SANS Security Awareness Summit, the SANS Digital Forensics & Incident Response Summit, and the SANS Threat Hunting and Incident Response Summit.

Every year, the SANS Institute presents its Cyber Defense Initiative to provide its members with the tools and strategies they need to remain ahead of cyber threats. This event has top security specialists presenting, hands-on seminars, keynote talks, vendor demos, and other activities. The 2020 event, hosted in Washington, D.C., offered a mix of speakers and seminars on malware analysis, incident response, and threat hunting.

SANS Institute holds events in cities all around the world regularly. The scale and complexity of these events vary, and the themes are suited to a wide range of security experts. Phoenix, Singapore, Brussels, Amsterdam, London, and Dubai are just a few of the cities that have hosted SANS events.

SANS Institute is at the forefront of cyber security education and training. Security professionals obtain information and expertise to help defend their networks, systems, and data through conferences, seminars, and events. SANS Institute has become a trusted provider of security education for corporations and individuals globally, with events catered to a diverse range of professions.

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