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We put our heart and soul into this Cybersecurity Conference directory.

Way back in 2013 we had another website called “Concise Courses” which used to market and sell InfoSec training courses. We published a blog post listing all the upcoming InfoSec Conferences of that year, and Google loved the resource and put us right to the top of the search engines. That ‘accidental’ occurrence spawned this directory which is maintained by a small team comprising of Henry Dalziel and Charles Villaneuva and a bunch of freelance programmers.

What We Do
We list, literally, every single Information Security conference, event and seminar within every niche in Cybersecurity.

We have a dedicated team that maintains our in-house tech stack, directory, and data curation.

Our Premium Service
We also provide a Premium Service in which we connect you with speaker requests from conference organizers. To log into our premium site click here or you can learn more about it here.

Our Company
This website and directory is owned and operated by Concise AC (a UK registered company).

To get in contact with us please follow this link, or to log into our membership website click here.

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Get in touch with us here.

We reply to inquiries relating to:

  • Advertising opportunities on our site.
  • Changes that need to be made to listings.
  • Questions relating to our premium service.
  • Other conference-related matters.
What Folks Say About Us
Since 2013 we’ve given the community a ton of value. Working with hundreds of conference organizers we’ve listed thousands of events around the world. We continue to grow the platform throughout 2019 and beyond!

Infosec Conferences is a great way to publicize our grid cyber security events to a broad audience of professionals.
Daniel Coran, Principal, PrimeCourse Communications
Smart Grid Observer

InfoSec-conferences.com has been great to get the word out about our regional events.
Casey Yarbrough, President at Elevate Events LLC
Elevate Events, LLC

It has been great to partner with Infosec Conferences! They are very easy to work with and responsive and help drive attendees to our event. In addition, they elevate our conference within the infosec community. Thanks for a successful and continuing partnership!
John Johnson, Advisory Senior Manager (IoT & Industrial Cybersecurity) Deloitte

Great website with tons of value for those organizing events.
James Azar, NTSC CISO Board of Advisor
CyberHub Summit

There are multiple reasons why I have listed my CSO events on the Infosec Conferences page, and this is because of the following;

    • I get listed amongst some of the best events in market
    • My brand is elevated out to market via a different channel I wouldn’t usually use
    • I get sponsorship requests through this site

Dependant on the event topic I can generate quite a few registrations or requests for further information

I would advise any company with an event to list with Infosec-Conferences it cant do any harm!!
Abigail Swabey, CSO Publisher & Account Director
IDG Enterprise

Great event submission website, very easy to use and quick turnaround from when you submit.
Maria Mandic, Marketing Executive
Smart Grid Forums

Your services are really helpful. Your team is professional and your web is useful. I can find a lot of conferences through your filter and also easy to submit my events.
Anastazia Hrckova, Creative Marketer
QuBit Cybersecurity Conference

It has been a pleasure to list our APAC events at InfoSec conferences! Kudos to the team behind this website.
Cindy Cortes, APAC Event Specialist

Our Community
Our community comprises Cybersecurity Professionals from the following amazing companies.