Application Security refers to the practice of protecting software applications from security threats throughout their entire lifecycle, including development, deployment, and maintenance. It encompasses measures such as code reviews, penetration testing, and secure coding practices to prevent vulnerabilities. Staying up to date with the latest technologies and developments is crucial, and one effective way to achieve this is by watching Application Security webinars. These webinars provide insights from industry experts, showcase new tools and techniques, and help professionals stay informed about emerging threats and best practices.

14 August 2024

The Radical Future of Application and API Security Testing

The webinar "The Radical Future of Application and API Security Testing" by Larry Maccherone of Contrast Security discusses why security testing should shift to production environments. It covers the cost-effectiveness, efficiency, and safety of this approach, necessary technologies, practices, and mindsets, and addresses potential risks. The session aims to revolutionize current application security practices by applying DevOps principles.

26 July 2024

Eliminate Troubleshooting Headaches with Pipeline Explorer Map: Simplify Error Detection and Resolution

24 July 2024

From VPN to Zero Trust Access: How to Make the Switch

24 July 2024

Online Webinar: The Future of Performance Engineering

23 July 2024

Cloud and Self-Hosted CI/CD Performance

22 July 2024

JFrog and Qwak: Trusted MLOps pipelines, simplified

16 July 2024

The Cost of Forgotten Passwords

The webinar "The Cost of Forgotten Passwords" by Darren Siegel discusses the financial impact of password resets and the benefits of implementing self-service password reset solutions. It highlights data from 2023 showing average savings for organizations, and covers topics like the frequency of forgotten passwords, account unlocking, and help desk interactions, emphasizing enhanced efficiency and reduced operational costs for IT professionals.

04 July 2024

Expert Insights on Secure Software Development

The JFrog expert panel, featuring Troy Hunt and other security leaders, discusses strategies for securing the software delivery lifecycle (SDLC), including enhancing security without compromising on release speed, maintaining compliance, and adopting best practices like MLOps and AI-generated code. The panel aims to provide actionable insights to bolster software supply chain security.

04 July 2024

The Importance of Data Privacy and Protection in India

The webinar "The Importance of Data Privacy and Protection in India" by Barracuda Networks explores the implications of India's Digital Personal Data Protection Act (DPDPA). It covers the Act's purpose, affected entities, compliance requirements, steps for adherence, and how Barracuda's solutions can aid in compliance. The session includes a Q&A segment with expert Pranay Manek.

03 July 2024

Skroutz Ask Me Anything: Bug Bounties and security success

The "Skroutz Ask Me Anything: Bug Bounties and Security Success" webinar features Skroutz's CISO, Bugcrowd's Technical Program Manager, and an ethical researcher discussing the benefits of bug bounty programs. Topics include scaling programs, enhancing security posture, and best practices from both hacker and program owner perspectives. The session explores the significant impact of bug bounties on identifying and fixing vulnerabilities, future trends, and optimizing programs for improved security.

27 June 2024

Empowering Developers, Automating Security: The Future of AppSec

The webinar discusses how GenAI coding tools enhance development, yet siloed teams and manual processes hinder progress. Snyk and Accenture’s white paper introduces the "Start Left" approach, integrating security tools early to boost collaboration and efficiency. It covers challenges in implementation and the role of Application Security Posture Management (ASPM) in providing governance. The focus is on minimizing risks and achieving business transformation through better integration of security and development teams.

27 June 2024

How to Prepare for the Wide-Ranging Effects of NIS2 & DORA

The webinar "How to Prepare for the Wide-Ranging Effects of NIS2 & DORA" discusses the impact of these new EU regulations on cybersecurity and financial sectors. It covers compliance strategies using the Akamai Guardicore Platform to enhance security through segmentation and monitoring. The session emphasizes the importance of understanding and adapting to these regulatory changes for strategic advantage.

27 June 2024

Choosing the Right Mobile App Security Strategy: Platform vs. Best-of-Breed

The webinar "Choosing the Right Mobile App Security Strategy: Platform vs. Best-of-Breed" explores the benefits and trade-offs of comprehensive platform solutions versus specialized security tools for mobile apps. Experts, including GigaOm’s Howard Holton, discuss considerations such as integration, scalability, cost, and innovation impact. The session offers insights to help IT security professionals make informed decisions to protect against emerging threats and ensure compliance.

26 June 2024

Fireside Chat with Turnkey & Onapsis

The "SAP Ransomware Fireside Chat with Turnkey & Onapsis" webinar addresses the significant rise in ransomware incidents targeting SAP systems. Industry experts from Turnkey and Onapsis discuss the impact on business-critical applications, strategies for identifying and mitigating vulnerabilities, and proactive measures to enhance cybersecurity. The session includes expert insights, actionable strategies, and an interactive Q&A.

20 June 2024

Ransomware Fingerprinting: Power Blocks series APAC

The webinar "Ransomware Fingerprinting: Power Blocks series APAC" focuses on the evolving landscape of ransomware attacks. It discusses advanced techniques for identifying and mitigating ransomware threats through fingerprinting, which enhances detection and response strategies. The session aims to provide cybersecurity professionals with insights and tools to strengthen their defenses against sophisticated ransomware attacks.

20 June 2024

Verizon DBIR 2024: Ransomware trends, actionable insights, and more

The webinar "Understanding the Latest Ransomware Trends" by Barracuda Networks reviews the 2024 Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report. It highlights new ransomware tactics, AI-enhanced phishing, and data exfiltration methods. Experts Mike Goldgof and Anastasia Hurley discuss comprehensive security strategies, real-world attack examples, and updating ransomware recovery plans for enhanced preparedness.

18 June 2024

Keep control with cloud deployments: Faster and safer mainframe modernization

The webinar "Keep Control with Cloud Deployments" by Amdocs, Astadia, and CAST focuses on accelerating mainframe modernization and cloud migration through automation. It covers resolving migration challenges, end-to-end automation, continuous modernization, and the impact of GenAI on legacy systems. Experts discuss leveraging software intelligence to enhance efficiency and reduce costs while ensuring safe and fast modernization.

18 June 2024

Mobile Device Security: How to Stay Ahead of Cyber Threats

The webinar "Mobile Device Security: How to Stay Ahead of Cyber Threats" by Trellix and Zimperium highlights the importance of securing mobile devices, which store sensitive business and personal data. It includes a live hacking demo and discusses effective XDR strategies to combat cyber threats targeting mobile devices. Experts Gary Ulaner and Joe Brown share insights on protecting these critical devices.

18 June 2024

Ransomware TechTalk: Securing your applications and access

The "Ransomware TechTalk: Securing Your Applications and Access" webinar by Barracuda addresses the security challenges of remote work environments, focusing on protecting applications and access against ransomware. It highlights the importance of securing internet-exposed applications, understanding vulnerabilities, and implementing robust security measures alongside email security to defend against cyber threats.

18 June 2024

DevSecOps Essentials: Operating Confidently with Trusted Packages

The "DevSecOps Essentials: Building Trusted Packages" webinar by JFrog discusses enhancing DevSecOps practices using JFrog's platform. Experts Mike Holland and Harpreet Singh cover detecting third-party components, tracking dependencies, enforcing compliance, and identifying vulnerabilities early in the development lifecycle. The session includes practical demonstrations and best practices for integrating security into DevOps workflows.


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