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Cybersecurity, Computer Security, and Information Security are of utmost importance for the protection of businesses and consumers in the State of Florida.

With an especially high concentration of technology-driven businesses and vast networks of commercial infrastructure, Florida is a key target for cyber-attacks. Florida's governmental and private companies must take very seriously the risks associated with cyber threats and protect their assets by special measures.

The Florida Office of Cybersecurity, in partnership with academic institutions and leading security companies, provides many educational and training opportunities for businesses and citizens of the state. The office leads by example and organizes security training and conferences, like the Florida Cyber and Infrastructure Security Conferences, to train and equip companies and state governments for the ever-changing cybersecurity environment. In addition, the office provides cyber awareness campaigns and notifications so that Florida citizens can stay informed about the latest security threats.

The Florida Office of Cybersecurity works closely with local, state, and federal agencies, as well as public and private sector organizations to protect the interests of citizens and businesses.

Highlights of their work include regularly collaborating with the Department of Homeland Security and the US Secret Service to secure financial and critical infrastructures and developing specialized Cybersecurity Protocols to safeguard and protect over 8 million public and private user accounts in Florida.

The State of Florida is also host to multiple annual cybersecurity conferences, such as the SANS Free Threat Hunting Summit which allows cybersecurity professionals to learn about the latest in security trends and solutions.

Also, the Women in Cybersecurity Conference focuses on diversity and encourages female students, researchers, and professionals from around the world to exchange ideas and knowledge with peers.

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06 August 2024

United States

Insider Risk Management Program Evaluation & Optimization Web Based Training Course

INSIDER RISK MANAGEMENT (IRM) PROGRAM EVALUATION & OPTIMIZATION WEB BASED TRAINING COURSE IRM Program Evaluator & Optimization Specialist Certificate Offered By: Insider Threat Defense Group (ITDG). DATES / TIMES Dates: August 6-7 / 9AM To 1PM Each Day - Eastern Standard Time COST: $795 Early Bird Pricing Between June 29 To July 17 After July 17: $895 Complete Details / Registration (Money Back Training Guarantee) TRAINING COURSE OVERVIEW This 1 DAY training is for anyone managing or supporting an Insider Threat Program (ITP) - IRM Program. (Insider Threat Analyst, FSO, CSO, CISO, Human Resources, CIO - IT, Network Security, Counterintelligence Investigators, Mental Health / Behavioral Science Professionals, Legal Etc.). These individuals will gain a much broader and deeper understanding of the collaboration required, and the many critical components that are essential for a comprehensive ITP - IRM Program. This will ensure key stakeholders are universally aligned from an enterprise / holistic perspective to identify, prevent or mitigate employee risks / threats. This training will provide students with the comprehensive knowledge and resources to develop, manage and evaluate an ITP - IRM Program, identify organizational security gaps, and provide actionable steps and cost effective strategies to create a comprehensive and optimized program. KEY TRAINING AREAS / TOPICS COVERED Insider Threat Overview, Damages & Impacts (Eye Opening View Of The Severity Of Insider Threats) Insider Threat Motivations / Contributing Organizational Risk Factors Employee Behavioral Indicators Warning Signs / Threat Profile Generation Understanding The Employee Lifecycle & The Critical IRM Components Evaluating Weaknesses / Vulnerabilities In Organizational Security Foundations (Non-Technical, Technical) IRM Program Development, Management & Optimization From A To Z IRM Program Legal Considerations Essential Documentation Required For An IRM Program (Templates Provided) Critical Roles, Responsibilities & Collaboration Required By Key Stakeholders For Employee Risk & Threat Information Sharing Essential Data Sources For Insider Threat Detection / Investigations (Internal, External) Establishing An Employee Continuous Monitoring & Reporting Program (Guidance / Solutions) Insider Threat Reporting, Response, Investigations & Case Management IRM Program Gap Analysis & Strategic Planning Employee Monitoring (Network Security & Insider Threat Detection Tools Gap Analysis & Monitoring Guidance (Guidance / Solutions) Conducting Insider Threat Vulnerability Assessments (Malicious Insider Playbook Of Tactics) Providing IRM Program Performance Metrics To CEO / Board / Senior Management For Resources (Budget, Personnel) To Optimize The Program This training provides students with an IRM Program Toolkit. The toolkit includes a handbook and an abundance of educational resources, templates and checklists for program development, management and optimization. TRAINING & COMPANY RECOGNITION Our training courses have received exceptional reviews from our students, because they are taught from a real world, practical approach and cover IRM from a strategic, operational and tactical perspective. We encourage you to read the feedback from our students on this link. Over 1000+ individuals have attended our training courses and received ITP Manager / Insider Risk Program Manager Certificates. The ITDG Has Provided IRM Program Training / Consulting Services To An Impressive List Of 675+ Clients: White House, U.S. Government Agencies, Department Of Homeland Security, TSA, Department Of Defense (U.S. Army, Navy, Air Force & Space Force, Marines) Intelligence Community (DIA, NSA, NGA) FBI, U.S. Secret Service, DEA, Law Enforcement, Critical Infrastructure Providers, Universities, Fortune 100 / 500 companies and others; Microsoft Corporation, Walmart, Home Depot, Nike, Tesla Automotive Company, Dell Technologies, Nationwide Insurance, Discovery Channel, United Parcel Service, FedEx Custom Critical, Visa, Capital One Bank, BB&T Bank, HSBC Bank, American Express, Equifax, TransUnion, JetBlue Airways, Delta Airlines, Royal Canadian Mounted Police and many more. Full Client Listing: ON-SITE TRAINING / WORKSHOP AT YOUR LOCATION One of the effective ways to help organizations start developing or maturing an ITP - IRMP is to get all key stakeholders involved. The above 2 day training course will be taught on-site at a client location. Some stakeholders may be reluctant to collaborate and share employee risk / threat information with the program. This on-site training will help with alleviating any negative or preconceived notions that some stakeholders may have about the program, to ensure all stakeholders are working together and contributing to the success of the program. Questions? Please Contact Jim Henderson, CISSP, CCISO CEO Insider Threat Defense Group, Inc. IRM Program Evaluation & Optimization Training Course Instructor Insider Risk / Threat Vulnerability Assessment & Mitigation Specialist IRM Program Gap Analysis / Evaluation & Optimization Expert 561-809-6800

21 September 2024

United States

SFISSA Hack the Flag & Chili Cookoff

The 2024 SFISSA Hack the Flag & Chili Cookoff Conference will be held on Saturday, September 21st, in Palm Beach, FL. This premier security event in the Southeast brings together technologists and security professionals for a day of competition, engaging sessions, and unparalleled networking opportunities. Attendees will include cybersecurity professionals, students and educators in cybersecurity and IT, ethical hackers, penetration testers, and IT and network security enthusiasts. It promises a memorable day of learning, competition, and community building.

23 September 2024

United States

InfoSec World

21 October 2024

United States

Gartner IT Symposium | Xpo: Orlando 2024

Join Gartner experts and your community of CIO and IT executive peers at Gartner IT Symposium/Xpo 2024 to participate in interactive and collaborative sessions, share experiences, and access personalized tools to equip you with a detailed plan to support your mission-critical priorities. Gartner IT Symposium/Xpo addresses the strategic needs of enterprise CIOs and their leadership teams.

30 October 2024

United States

The Human Behavior Conference (HuBe) 2024

Technological mastery is no longer enough. To be successful, today’s leaders must understand human behavior inside and out. At the Human Behavior Conference (HuBe), you’ll experience live training and workshops by experts in persuasion, body language, and elicitation. These workshops will unearth your hidden talents, reveal your greatest potential, and enhance your ability to connect with anyone anywhere.

09 November 2024

United States

ISF World Congress

Explore the future of global cyber security at the industry’s must-attend event for senior executives and cyber leaders. Congress provides ISF Members with a confidential environment to discover solutions to security challenges while gaining innovative advice from peers, leading industry experts and sponsors worldwide. Over four days of keynote presentations, workshops and networking sessions, attendees will learn how to ensure their business stays resilient in a time of turbulent macro-economic, geopolitical and social change.

13 November 2024

United States

28th Colloquium: Building a Resilient Cyber Culture

The 2024 Colloquium for Information Systems Security Education (CISSE) celebrates its 28th anniversary as the premier Cybersecurity Education Conference. Join us to explore the latest trends in cyber education and engage with esteemed experts from academia, government, and industry. This year's conference will take place in Tampa, Florida, from November 13th to 15th, 2024. We are honored to announce The University of Tampa as our esteemed host and academic partner for this event.

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