Australia Information Security Conferences, 2020

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 November 2nd, 2020 - November 8th, 2020
 Recommended Event

Training and talks! If you work in the IT Security space in Sydney, Australia, then this event ought to be of interest to you.

Australian Cyber Conference Melbourne

 October 27th, 2020 - October 29th, 2020
 Recommended Event

This is one of the best InfoSec events taking place in Australia this year. We’d encourage you to attend this one if you work within Information Security in Australia.

AusCERT Cyber Security Conference

 September 15th, 2020 - September 18th, 2020
 Recommended Event

Australia keeps hosting more and more InfoSec event but this one has been around a while. Recommended owing to the depth of talks and first-class Cybersecurity content. As Conferences go in Australia, especially the Gold Coast, we’d highly recommend you attend this event.

Kids SecuriDay Canberra

 August 15th, 2020 
 Recommended Event

This event comes recommended because it’s all about the kids! It’s a fantastic idea to introduce Cybersecurity to the young ones from an early age.If you’re a cyber pro in Australia, or indeed even with a passing interest in tech then an event like this might spawn your child’s creativity because we are all likely to agree that security is here to stay with us forever, could be a great spark for a career!