Cybersecurity Conferences in Botswana, 2022 - 2023

Cybersecurity events in Gaborone

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Karina Kokina

Cybersecurity Conferences In Botswana

This page lists cybersecurity events in Botswana that are planned for this year.

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By going to other presentations, you will learn from other people and improve your own skills and knowledge about your field of work, too. When you see their work, asking them questions and maybe even going to see them after the panel is over is important, as well. We need to connect with other people in our field just like we do in any other job.

When you go to events in your field, you have a better chance of meeting the people who should know about your business and brand. Want them to know about your life and your job. You also want them to know about your work and where you’re going.

Both your professional and personal development will be a lot better because you went. Attendance also gives you tools and skills that you can’t learn at home or online. Learning at a conference allows you to go deeper into your understanding of the subject you want to learn more about.

Conferences are used to bring together people who have similar interests and talk about issues and ideas about a specific subject. Conferences can be held on almost any subject, be of any size, and be run by any group.

Networking is a great way to share best practices, learn about how your peers run their businesses, and stay on top of industry changes.

July 2022

6th Annual African Cyber Security Conference
Botswana | Gaborone
July 6, 2022