Cybersecurity Conferences in Brazil, 2024 - 2025

Discover Security Events in Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Salvador, Brasília and Belo Horizonte.

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Brazil has long been a leader in IT security, and both the public and private sectors are driving major initiatives to further develop and improve the country’s cybersecurity infrastructure. Cybersecurity has become an increasing priority within Brazil’s government, with the Ministry of Science, Technology, Innovation, and Communications spearheading efforts to mitigate risks posed by cybercrime.

In recent years, Brazil has developed an expansive event-based framework to discuss the challenges posed by cyberattacks and to create new solutions for preventing them. Major cybersecurity events are commonly held in cities such as São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. These events draw leading experts from global technology organizations as well as professionals working in the security industry. Some of the most significant conferences and cybersecurity events in Brazil include:

  • Black Hat Brazil and Defcon – An annual hacker conference series with a focus on ethics hacking and security.
  • CISO Brazil – An annual event that focuses specifically on Information Security.
  • ITPLUS – An established conference series featuring IT security professionals from around the world.
  • Global Security Network – An online event connecting security professionals in Brazil and abroad.
  • SECOMP – An international security and forensics conference that takes place in São Paulo.
  • NXT Level – An IT event series that focuses on current developments, trends, and technologies related to cybersecurity.

In addition to the conferences and events mentioned above, Brazil has enacted several laws and regulations to improve the protection of information systems and networks. These initiatives focus on establishing cybercrime-fighting departments, strengthening public safety and data protection laws, and developing better standards for data protection.

Brazil’s Ministry of Science, Technology, Innovation, and Communications has also developed a national Cybersecurity Policy Framework to promote secure practices and encourage more dialogue between the public and private sectors. This Policy Framework has facilitated the establishment of many cybersecurity experts and organizations working to protect Brazil’s digital networks.

In conclusion, Brazil has established itself as one of the leading countries in cybersecurity. Numerous conferences and events are organized regularly to discuss issues related to cybercrime, and the government has implemented comprehensive laws and regulations to bolster its IT security infrastructure. With the number of cyber threats increasing globally, Brazil’s government and private sector are taking a proactive approach to protecting the country’s IT systems.

CyberNorth Congress 2024: The first Brazilian Congress in Cybersecurity, held annually in Balneario Camboriu, Santa Catarina.

Date: 10/12/2024
Location: , Brazil

CyberNorth is dedicated to strengthening the security and privacy of Brazilian networks. It is a great learning event, with conferences, debates, workshops, and hackathon activities taking place throughout its two-day duration.

Cybersecurity Summit: An annual event held in São Paulo, focusing on the strategic challenges in cybersecurity.

Date: 26/05/2024
Location: , Brazil

The summit includes technical workshops, panel discussions and keynote speeches from influential global experts. The event is aimed at IT professionals and executives looking to gain insight into the latest trends and discussion on cybersecurity

SBSeg 2024: The main security event in Brazil, hosted by São Paulo University and sponsored by

Date: 09/09/2024
Location: , Brazil

SBSeg brings together the leading minds in Brazilian Security to discuss and share the latest trends, insights, threats and challenges in the industry. It includes technical talks, training, and hackathons.

Workshop de Segurança da Informação e Telemática: Annual event held in Florianopolis organized by Academy of Technology (FATEC).

Location: , Brazil

This event covers areas such as cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, machine learning, Internet of Things, and other digital transformation technologies. It includes lectures, hands-on workshops, challenges, competitions, panels, and expositions.

Congresso Brasileiro em Segurança da Informação: An annual event hosted by the Institute of Computing, State of Santa Catarina, and held in Florianopolis.

Date: 24/05/2024
Location: , Brazil

The congress aims to promote discussion on the main issues related to the security of information in Brazil. It also includes technical talks, workshops, challenges, and panels from leading individuals in the security field.

ongresso Segurança Externa: An international event hosted in Alto Minho, Portugal and organized by the Cyber Security Institute.

Date: 08/12/2024
Location: , Brazil

The event brings together researchers, experts, and industry leaders from around the globe to share their vision on tomorrow’s security challenges. It includes keynote speeches, panels, workshops, and hackathons.

Rio Cybersecurity Conference: An annual event focusing on cybersecurity topics, held in Rio de Janeiro.

Date: 07/10/2024
Location: , Brazil

The event focuses on security issues across Latin America offering technical talks, workshops, and panels. Professionals from different areas such as security researchers, hackers, industry experts, and academics come together to share their knowledge and experience.

Cyber Security Expo: An annual event organized in Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul, focusing on medium and small-sized businesses as well as startups.

Date: 01/07/2024
Location: , Brazil

The expo brings together some of the largest players in the cyber security industry to discuss the opportunities and challenges within the sector. It offers solutions to challenge organizations, including technical talks, workshops, hackathons, and panels.

BSides São Paulo: A semiannual event focusing on topics such as hacking, security, privacy and IT compliance.

Date: 03/10/2024
Location: , Brazil

The event offers a variety of talks, panel discussions and hands-on workshops focused on the latest trends and practices in cybersecurity. In addition, BSides São Paulo also features a Capture The Flag (CTF) Competition, giving attendees the chance to test their skills against other security professionals.

Brazilian Digital Security Conference: An annual event held in São Paulo where industry professionals, researchers, and students can share knowledge and learn about new technologies.

Location: , Brazil

This event offers lectures, workshops, and discussions on cyber security topics such as Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Cloud Computing Processing prompt 5 of 68: