Cybersecurity Conferences in Canada, 2024 - 2025

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Cybersecurity in Canada is of high importance. The country’s infrastructure, economy, and individuals are increasingly reliant on computer networks, the internet, and digital devices, making them increasingly vulnerable to cyber-attacks. As such, the Canadian government has invested significantly in developing a comprehensive approach to cybersecurity: the National Cyber Security Strategy. The objective of this strategy is to ensure the secure use of technology and digital infrastructure, while at the same time, protecting Canadians from the threats like cybercrime.

Canada regularly hosts several cybersecurity conferences and events. These events are usually organized by local government bodies, such as the Digital Security Centre, and the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC). The CRTC, in particular, regularly holds events related to security and privacy in the digital age. Other organizations like the Canadian Internet Registration Authority have also hosted events dedicated to cyber security and digital identity. These events help to bring together experts from the academic, government, and private sectors to promote the sharing of best practices and further public awareness and safety in technology.

In addition to conferences and events, Canada is a leader in the development of protective laws and legislation that cycle out threats. Federally, organizations like CyCANN and the Office of the Cyber Security Ambassador for Canada have helped to bring global attention to the importance of protecting digital assets. Provincially, organizations like the Ontario Cyber Security Centres secure better protection by reducing risk through improving the way organizations, businesses, and government sectors manage, share, and store information.

Finally, Canada is an important partner with other G7 countries as part of the International Cyber Security Network (ICSN). This network works together to create solutions to threats and vulnerabilities, share best practices, and improve public understanding of digital security.

To sum up, Cybersecurity in Canada is of utmost importance and the Canadian government has implemented several programs and initiatives to reduce risk and improve the safety and security of Canadians. From hosting events and conferences to creating protective legislation, the country is committed to protecting digital products and services.

Canadian Cyber Conference

Date: 05/06/2024
Location: , Canada

his conference is an annual event in Canada dedicated to the security industry, bringing together researchers, corporate executives, government representatives, end-users and select vendors to discuss the latest cyberthreats, technologies and solutions for protecting Canadian enterprises.

Crypto Laurier

Date: 30/10/2024
Location: , Canada

Crypto Laurier is an annual interdisciplinary cryptocurrency and blockchain technology conference that brings together experts in the fields of computer science, finance, economics, business, and law to discuss the impact of this technology on our society.

Network Security Conference of Canada

Date: 03/11/2024
Location: , Canada

Network Security Conference of Canada (NetSCC) is the largest cyber security conference in Canada and its mission is to provide a unique venue for gathering, discussion, and knowledge transfer of the latest trends in information security and assurance.

Security Summits Canada

Date: 25/05/2024
Location: , Canada

Security Summits Canada (SSC) is an annual event bringing together industry professionals from government, educational institutions, businesses, financial institutions, and cyber security vendors from across Canada to discuss and collaborate on emerging security and privacy topics.

Cyber Security & Privacy Summit

Date: 25/05/2024
Location: , Canada

The Cyber Security & Privacy Summit (CS&PS) is Canada’s premier gathering of cyber security and privacy professionals. Attendees gather to share best practices in handling today’s most complex threats, discuss the latest trends and technologies, and network with leaders in the industry.

The SANS Ottawa Security Summit

Date: 06/04/2024
Location: , Canada

The SANS Ottawa Security Summit brings together hundreds of IT and security professionals from various industries to learn advanced hacking techniques, describe the latest cyber threats, and keep up-to-date with the latest tools and techniques.

Canadian Law & Technology Conference

Date: 21/06/2024
Location: , Canada

The Canadian Law & Technology Conference provides a platform for law creators, legal professionals, scientists, and technological experts to come together and discuss topics in areas such as privacy and security, artificial intelligence, internet regulation, blockchain tech, and digital trust.

AI & Cyber Security Conference

Date: 02/10/2024
Location: , Canada

The AI & Cyber Security Conference brings together cyber security professionals, AI and ML experts, data scientists and legal professionals to discuss the future of the security landscape and the impact of new technologies on it.

Montreal Security Conference

Date: 11/11/2024
Location: , Canada

Montreal Security Conference (MSC) is Canada’s only security summit that brings together cyber security professionals from around the world to discuss current industry trends and share best practices.

Bitcoin Expo Toronto

Date: 24/10/2024
Location: , Canada

Bitcoin Expo Toronto is an international event that promotes collaboration around Bitcoin, cryptocurrency, blockchain and distributed ledger technologies. The event brings expertsand influencers from all across the globe who come to network,learn and exchange ideas and best business practices.

Canadian ICS Cyber Security Conference

Date: 22/10/2024
Location: , Canada

The Canadian ICS Cyber Security Conference is focused on industrial control systems and is designed to bringtogether ICS professionals, vendors, security researchers, regulatory agencies and policy makers to discuss cyber security policies and practices within ICS security.

Blockchain Futurist Conference

Date: 12/08/2024
Location: , Canada

The Blockchain Futurist Conference is North America’s largest blockchain and cryptocurrency event annually. It brings together global industry leaders and experts to explore, learn, exchange ideas, and create innovative business practices.